There could be a million questions hanging in your head right now, but I can only give light to 30 of them. Dig in.

1. How loving should be?

Loving should be selfless, unconditional, boundless… but not to the extreme. I mean, you don’t want anyone taking advantage of you no matter how much you love them. Loving should begin within yourself.

2.What if the spark is gone?

Is the feeling gone as well? Do you not care for the other person anymore? Can you see yourself living with someone else now? If the spark is gone and the love is gone, then there’s no reason to stay. But, love is not only about the spark. Sometimes, you need to stay though there’s no more spark in a relationship simply because you care about the person so much.

3. How long can a couple live together before they begin to lose interest on each other?

There is no definite answer to this. It’s up to both people involved. Some said when a couple passed 6 months in the relationship then they’re meant for a long term. But there are also couples who have been together for 5 years and yet they still broke up.

4. Is physical appearance important in keeping the love alive?

If physical appearance was the reason why you fell in love with the other person then, yes. However, true loving does not necessarily require a good physical appearance. It is completely possible to look as messy as a stray cat and still be loved.

5. How do you know when it’s time to let go?

When the relationship no longer makes any sense. When it is ruining you instead of helping you grow. When the other person is constantly hurting you whether physically, emotionally, or mentally. When the other person cheated but refuses to be remorseful about it. When you no longer feel loved. When you can no longer find a reason to stay.

6. Does loving truly means risking something?

It depends on what you are risking and how much you’re willing to lose that something in the name of love.

7. Why do people love though they know they could end up hurting?

It’s human nature. No man can thrive living in this lonely world without feeling the warmth of love.

8. Why do you fall for someone you don’t like?

This might be explained by science. Ever wondered why the positive pole of a magnet attracts to the negative pole but repels the same positive pole?

9. How can you unlove someone?

You can never unlove someone but you can ignore the feeling and think about all the reasons why you should not be together. You can also look for all the bad sides of that person, pile them up so you will realize how they’re not worth loving.

10. Why can’t you choose the person to love?

Of course, you can! You can’t choose the people who will come into your life so your choices will be limited. But you can absolutely choose who among them will you give your heart.

11. Why is love lopsided?

That, probably, is the nature of loving. The analysis of this can be long and grueling. So why won’t you simply ask each and every couple in the world whether they give an equal amount of love in their relationships? If you can find one, tell me.

12. How do we know if we’re truly in love?

Are you willing to live together for the rest of your lives? Are you completely committed to your eternal promise? Do you feel conscious and afraid of committing infidelity? Are you now nearing the twilight of your lives and you are still living together? Then, you are truly in love!

13. Is happiness possible for two people, who aren’t free, having an affair in secret?

A very big N-O! There is no happiness for cheaters. Period.

14. Is there really one person out there who is made “just for you”?

If you believe in that then there is. Remember that what you believe is what will be. Faith can truly move mountains.

15. Can love wear out with time?

No. If it wears out with time, there has never been love.

16. Why have a family?

Why not? Can you live all your life alone? If yes, then don’t bother having a family. But don’t blame anyone or anything if you feel lonely most of the time all your life.

17. How could a person want someone and ask someone else to be with?

That person is a plain stupid idiot. He probably doesn’t want to get hurt. He is too afraid to risk and too scared of rejection. Nobody should be like that person.

18. Why can’t I forget someone?

Why do you keep remembering that someone? Of course, you can’t forget that person because you keep thinking about all your memories together. Move on. Put your attention to other people around you. Find someone else to love. Then you can forget that someone.

19. Does true love exist?

Do you believe in true love? True love can exist on one person but not on the other. I mean, love is a universal feeling but not everyone is practicing it. So only those who believe in true love can find true love.

20. How can a person live with someone s/he doesn’t love?

There could be a lot of reasons for this, but one thing is common – baby, sometimes, love just ain’t enough. Think about your food, clothing, and shelter. Your accessories, gadgets, dream destinations, and all that. Sometimes, for some people, these things are far more important than living with the one they love.

21. How long can you love somebody?

As long as the stars shine up above you. Why do you have to measure the  length of your love? Love is supposed to have no ending.

22. Why do people fall out of love?

Some people simply can’t keep their promises and stand on their commitments. On the other hand, some probably felt abused in the relationship or they no longer find any positive change in their life while being in the relationship. There are countless reasons to start with.

23. How can you stay committed to someone?

Always remind yourself all the reasons why you fell in love with that person in the first place.

24. Is a relationship about feeling or commitment?

Both. You can’t commit to a relationship without you having that loving feeling. What keeps the relationship to thrive then is the strong sense of commitment.

25. Why does love hurt?

Hurting is the only way to know you are truly practicing your right to love. But loving shouldn’t be constantly hurting you – that’s already a different thing. Refer to No. 5.

26. How do you know if someone loves you?

They won’t give up on you. No matter what.

27. What is the difference between love and infatuation?

Love is something eternal. Infatuation is temporary.

28. How can you make someone fall in love with you?

Love yourself. Then everyone will love you.

29. How long should you hold onto a relationship that’s hurting you?

Not very long. I mean loving can hurt and that’s normal. But if the hurting is constant and you are not doing well with your own personal life at all because you can’t keep yourself away from your relationship issues, then better let it go as soon as you can. Yes, loving can hurt, but it is not synonymous with suffering.

30. Should you break up with your partner whom you found cheating for the first time?

The first time? You might have caught your partner for the first time but it may not be the first time s/he did it. I mean, who knows how many times s/he’s done it before and how many more times s/he’ll do it after you caught him/her. How about checking how many flower delivery logs he has in his favourite shop? Should you break up with your partner? Well, do you want to live with a cheater? It’s totally up to you.

There you have it. 30 thought-provoking questions about love and loving. Any more questions to add? Drop it in the comment section below.