You’ve been together for some time now. And you are probably wondering when will he drop down on one knee and bring out that breathtaking ring. After all those years, you need to know if he is now ready to face the next chapter of your relationship which is marriage. Of course, you don’t want to pressure him or anything so you are looking for subtle hints that will somehow prove that he is planning something surprising for you – like a wedding proposal.

Matrimony is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Keep in mind that your guy will ask your hand in marriage when he knows within himself that he is ready for all the responsibilities. Take your time exploring your relationship as a couple.

But for the meantime, you can have fun fishing him out with these 4 signs.

Financially Independent

Gone are the days where he spends a lot of cash for his gadgets. He seems to be saving up for something but the bad news is he wouldn’t let you know what it is. Pay attention to his spending habits and check if there’s a gradual decrease in his shopping spree. Another thing to watch out for is when he starts talking about saving. Getting married involves a huge sum of money so he may have started refraining from buying anything he desires because he wants you to be happy on your special day.

“We” and “Us”, Instead of “Me” and “I”

You are always a part of his plan or in his normal conversations but lately, he’s been really suspicious. His vocabulary changed, most of his sentences now involve “we”, “our”, and “us” and he doesn’t let anything major happen in his life without you being a part of it. Before he makes any important decisions, he also sees to it that he gets to ask you for any opinion. He may also send you sweet messages or flowers from florist online Australia more than he used to just to constantly remind you of his love. And if he plans on transforming his bachelor pad into something much more appropriate for the both of you, then you should be wary girl! He may be thinking of a wife and raising a family in his mind.

Hangs Out With Your Parents

If all of a sudden he wants to have a “bonding time” with your parents, then he may be up to something. Before, when you are still in the dating stage, all that matters to him is you. But if he’s planning to marry you, he would start considering getting close to your family as he wouldn’t like any problems within your marriage. Of course, he would need to ask the approval of your parents first before he could actually pop you the question.

Nervous beyond normal

For the long time you have known each other, this is the first time that you’ve seen him so nervous. When a person displays nervousness, the tendency is… he might be hiding something. Perhaps, a grand proposal? Although men appear aloof, asking a girl for a hand in marriage could also affect their system. He may start to seem distracted by many things. Be sensitive and also consider other possibilities why he is acting differently than usual. He may have problems in his life that he doesn’t want you to know.

When a man is ready to become a husband, he will start acting like one. He wouldn’t want his future wife as someone not fit for a husband material. Let’s just hope his actions are not obvious, so as not to ruin his surprise wedding proposal for you.

Feel free to share your experiences with us below!