Your wedding team is crucial for the success of the celebration. It is vital that you create a good relationship with them as they will be a big part of the journey. For the brides-to-be, here are a few things you should not tell your wedding florist to help you deal with your flower needs.


If you want to use flowers that will take a huge chunk out of your budget, then you have to consider revising your wedding design vision. Yes, the florist will help you with adjusting everything. Yet, you cannot expect them to do the impossible. Many florists will provide alternative flowers that will not only suit your budget but as well as the theme and design you want for the wedding.

“I know we are less than a week from my wedding, but can you do these (major changes)?”

Translating your wedding vision into reality will take a lot of work. Sometimes, it is inevitable that changes will be introduced to the original plan. But, wanting to change a major element in the wedding like the theme and the colours at the last minute is a florist’s nightmare. You will just end up disappointing yourself if you keep on changing your mind. Before carrying out your wedding plans, you have to be firm and consistent with what you want. Your florist will do better work if things are laid out for them properly.


A “yes” was a good thing when your fiancé asked you to marry him. To florists, a yes is both a blessing and a curse. If you don’t like the flowers or the designs, then don’t just say yes. The success of the event depends on the honest and harmonious relationship you have with the people you are working with. Say yes, when you mean it and say no if you don’t like how things were done.

“I’d like for you to work on my wedding, it’s in 7 days.”

Fact: A celebration as big as a wedding cannot be hurriedly done.

You cannot expect your florist to whip out an elaborate floral theme and design with just a few days before the event. No one will stop you from getting married with as little prep time as you want. They may provide you with what they can come out with. But, you cannot expect florists to agree with this, especially if your theme is complicated.

“I have photo inspirations here (in my thick scrapbook).”

Your floral designer will appreciate if you have samples the overall look of your venue, bouquet, and other floral designs. Be sure to have one to three themes rather than have multiple suggestions.  

“I hate this. I hate that.”

This is a red flag for florists that they are dealing with a Bridezilla. Don’t be one. Florists understand that you want everything to be perfect; to be like how you wanted your wedding to be. You don’t have to throw shade and hate. Instead, explain to him or her why the flower arrangements do not work for you nor for the wedding theme. Help each other out, you are a team after all.

“Can we ‘un-scent’ these flowers?”

“Say what?” is probably the first thing your florist will tell you. Again, don’t make them do something impossible or very difficult. Some brides may have allergies to certain scents or they simply don’t like fragrant flowers. So, don’t make a fuss about them and choose blooms that will not give you a runny nose.

Stress levels will shoot up with all the things you have to deal with in preparing for your special day. So don’t scare away people who are experts in making your wedding the best thing you could hope for.