Hey we are twin white dogs!
Photo credit: http://shinterimkk.wordpress.com

Will you accept this red rose?
Photo credit: http://alexadry.hubpages.com

Am I cute? Photo credit: designswan.com

Glad to be part of the entourage. Photo credit: onewed.com

I think you will find me romantic. Photo credit: ehow.com

Hey, do you know what my special talent is? Photo credit: neobuxvn.info

Sorry, but I always fall asleep at the sight of lovely flowers.
Photo credit: dogpictures.co

Now I know why bees stay close to flowers.
Photo credit: petsfoto.com

Never mind the flower, but look at what they’ve done to me! Photo credit: http://hdwallpapersfor.com

I think I am the cutest of all the dogs you see in this page. Photo credit: canadapetgrooming.com

Hey, can you read my mind? Photo credit: http://wallpaperscraft.com