Who would think that such beauty is a dear friend of fire? As delicate as this flower appears to be, don’t let its physical appearance fool you.

Meet Dictamnus Albus also known as the “Burning Bush” which grows up to 4 feet tall with woody stems. It is a type of shrub with leatherlike and silky green leaves. This gas plant grows in full sun and is tolerant to drought. It can be a unique and attractive perennial to add to your garden. Bearing upright blooms similar to orchids, it also has a quite striking beauty.

Flammable Fumes

The flammable fumes produced by this flower makes it worthy of its name – burning bush. When you try to light a match near the blooms on a windless day, it will puff out a blue flame. You have to be careful once you come in contact with this burning beauty. Its citrus scent and foliage can cause an allergic skin reaction. Summer months are the perfect time to experience its “flammable” prowess.

How to grow gas plants?

It takes about four years for a Dictamnus to produce flowers. You should make it a habit to cut a part of the stems every Autumn. It is also the best time to sow its seeds. You should propagate the seeds at about 40-60 centimetres apart and slightly covered with topsoil. Opt for a sunny or partly shaded area in your garden which is moist and pretty acidic to neutral pH of 5.5 to 7.

If you ever decide to plant it indoors, then your seeds should be placed within a soil inside a black plastic bag. Set it aside for a fortnight at 16 degrees Celsius. Then, put it in the fridge for 4-6 weeks. At 16 to 17 degrees Celsius, the germination process will begin. It is entirely necessary that you have cycles where you expose your seeds to refrigeration and warmth for germination to happen. At the end of autumn, your Dictamnus seedlings will then be ready to be put out in deep holes – ready for planting.

There are hundreds of different species of flowers around the world. This burning beauty is just one proof of the real wonder of nature. When you want to add glamour to your dull and boring life, let flowers make it easy for you. Let them do the job of showcasing their physical attractiveness. All you have to do is grab a bouquet of Oriental Lilies.