Imagine you met the perfect guy. He’s tall, dark, and handsome. You were just strolling through the grocery store on a quiet night when your carts bumped into one another in the produce aisle.

The two of you started talking, and he asked you out because you hit it off so well. When the date comes around, though, you start to notice a few things.

He picks you up in a vehicle that is several years old and has a few scratches. He’s wearing a nice pair of slacks and a shirt, but you can tell they are a few years old and were pressed at home. His shoes are a bit scuffed. For dinner, you go to a nice restaurant, but you skip the appetizer and he pulls out a coupon to pay before heading off to a simple, quiet walk in the park.

You’ve been on a date with a frugal guy. So what now? Do you date him or ditch him? It all depends on what you want from the relationship – if you even intend to start one – and your feelings about someone who does not spend lavishly.

guy_with_flowersConsider the man, himself, first. How do you feel about him? Do you have things in common that will carry you on to future dates, or even a full-fledged relationship? If that answer is yes, and you can overlook older clothes, a scruffy car, and the occasional dinner coupon, then you have nothing to lose by giving him a shot. However, if you are not even looking for a relationship, and just want to be with someone who has the means to take you out and have a good time on a grand scale, the frugal guy might not be for you.

The decision also depends on the severity of his frugality. Some frugal guys simply drive older cars that are paid for, re-wear clothes until they are unwearable, and look for cheaper entertainment when possible. Others take the bus, live at home with their parents, and insist on drinking water at dinner while splitting an appetizer and skipping the main course. For many women, this type of frugal guy is a bit too much to take.

In reality, a frugal man can be a great partner into the future. You know he is responsible with his money and likely has some in savings for a rainy day. So give a frugal guy a chance, and see where the relationship goes. You’ve got nothing to lose.