Fall is a breathtaking agony of death.

As leaves start shifting to a carnival of colours and depart from the branches of trees, Autumn reminds us that there’s ethereal beauty in letting go.

But if Autumn is so glorious, why does it have to leave? Why do we have to bear that chilly winter?

This season of fall serves to impart a lesson and make way for a wonderful beginning. It teaches us that nothing is permanent in this world, and the only way to make it last is to embrace its glory earnestly.

Let it come and let it go. Don’t wait for Autumn in vain. As the cycle of life continues, so does the change of seasons. We couldn’t stop the world from turning just because we want to live more in that special moment.

So Fall.

Fall hard.

Relish in the grandeur of Autumn through these fascinating quotes.


When everything around you seems to be nearing its end, thank God for that wonderful closure. We don’t simply look forward to that finale if it isn’t the most beautiful part of the show.


A gold’s true worth is not found based on its physical attributes. The real value of things lies in rarity because you know that you will never find this treasure anywhere else in the world. Others may attract you with their glimmer, but you can only fall for that one “gold” that captures your heart.


Beauty does not lie ONLY in spring. It is everywhere. You have to search for it, look deeper. Someone may have so much more to offer, and you may fail to see it because you were too caught up with all the flashy ornaments.


When there’s an ending, there will always be a new beginning. Life’s a cycle, and it does not stop in the presence of death. Embrace the fall and learn from it, so that when you start all over again, you are prepared to embrace it with arms wide open.

Welcome Autumn with happiness and release it with a grateful heart. We have  “Autumn” to be thankful for because it prepared us for the crisp air of Winter. That even if the world turns cold, we have preserved a warm heart to welcome Spring with positivity. May it be Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you learn to accept and embrace each season’s nature.

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