How to let go?

It is one of the most undying and enduring questions we may ever ask. If only letting go was as easy as forgiving and forgetting. But it isn’t. Even the strongest person finds difficulty in dealing with it. As you go through the process, you’ll realise that the pain is subsiding, your heart is healing, and you’ll wake up one day accepting that it’s OVER!


Sometimes, because of the pain you have inside, you tend to bargain and choose to hold on, hoping that things will be alright, and everything will turn back as it was. Unfortunately, we can’t always mend what is already broken. Most of the time, letting go of the past is a lot better than holding on to something that will keep on inflicting that pain in your heart, over and over again.


You’ll never realise how brave and strong you are as a person until you get hurt and  feel broken. You may go through different kinds of pain and struggles, and it’s really up to you how to overcome it. Remember that you have the power to distract yourself from thinking about him and your memories together. You’ve got the power to stop calling and stalking him on social media. And the strength to stand again and accept that some things are not meant for you.


People who are totally broken often feel that they will never recover from the great agony they are experiencing. It hurts so much that you can’t even imagine life without that person. But the reality is, you are STRONG. The fact that you are enduring the pain and trying your very best to be fine makes you even stronger. Give your heart time to heal. Focus on loving yourself even more until the pain fades away.


One of the reasons that people are having a hard time  letting go and moving forward is that they blame themselves for what happened. But you can never change the past. All you have is the hope of today and the chance to make a better and happier tomorrow.  Letting go is never easy, but you can start it by forgiving yourself, forgiving the ones who hurt you, and loving yourself more than you did before.


Life is too wonderful to dwell in sadness and despair. Let go of the things that hurt you, learn from it and get ready for a brighter and happier tomorrow.  You’ve got the girl power to face all the adversities in life. Have the courage to let go, move on and to start over again because you deserve a good life.

Choose to be happy! Surround yourself with bliss, delight and optimism. Start it  with fresh and fascinating blooms from Hong Kong flower delivery.
Cheers to good life and happiness!