Just because he’s masculine doesn’t mean he’s susceptible to the charm of flowers.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with the captivating beauty of floral bouquets? Contrary to what many people believe in, blossoms are NOT only for the feminine. Flowers choose no gender and hold no biases, a universal beauty that can make anyone feel extraordinary.

In every occasion, blossoms have always been present, so there should be no excuse for them to be missing on your father’s very special day. Gifts are only instruments to convey the real message of the giver. What other best way to express your love for your Dad, but through heartwarming flowers?

Now, the challenge is how to choose the best bunch of blooms for your father.

Stop the fussing. zFlowers.com is here to help. To that weight off your shoulders, here are 7 alluring flower arrangements that will best suit your Dad’s personality.

Choose accordingly.

The Supportive Dad


Is your Dad your no. 1 fan? Well, he has been a forever believer that you can be anything, and you can conquer the world. Whenever you need him, he is 100% ready to back you up anytime. Give back bountiful love through this generous and colourful bouquet of Chrysanthemums, Gerberas, Sims, Roses, Iris, and more. Thank him for his exuberant support.





The BFF Dad


Need a friend? Dad is always there to be a shoulder to lean on. He is an open book and will forever be your best friend. You can go out with him anytime since he is very willing to be your “buddy”. Not everybody has this relationship with their Dad. Let your love for your father explode through this dazzling bouquet of Gerberas. Let him know how much you appreciate his friendship.




The Tough Dad


Your father only wants the best for you that he has to implement strict rules for you to follow at all times, at any cost. You probably dislike him growing up, but now you realise everything he did make you the good person you are. He seems fierce outside, but deep inside, he is doing it because he loves you. His standards may be a bit hard to reach, but that’s just because you’re his child, and he has so much faith in you. Recognise your father’s efforts through this mysterious twilight bouquet of dark Iris and pink Asiatic lilies.



The Sentimental Dad


This dad is simply kind and he speaks his heart out. He always tells you that he loves you. He chooses peace over war, that’s because the people he loves matter above anything else, even when it comes to his ego. For his genuine love, give him a stunning flower arrangement that will pierce his heart with affection.



The Joker


Want to have some laugh? This Dad gives you just the right amount of happiness. With him, you never have a dull moment. For every time he made you smile, it’s only right that you return the favour. Thank him for those times he turns your worst day to a happy day with this bright bunch of Sunflowers.




The Ice-Man Dad


He’s always been so distant, so mysterious. You have little opportunities to know him better or bond because he never shows his emotions. He always appears old, which makes him so unapproachable. Nevertheless, you live for the times that he shows his warmth and loving self. Maybe an exotic bouquet of Dendrobium Orchids draped with tropical leaves will help you soften his heart, and this could be a stepping stone for the both of you spending moments together.


The Overprotective Dad


This dad seems to be over the top. He tends to generalise everything negative. He’s like your personal bodyguard, and if worst comes to worst, he will accompany you even to the ends of the earth. Thank him for his protection with this dashing arrangement of Orange Asiatic Lilies, yellow Aranthera Orchids, Red Anthurium Stem, Gerberas, a Japanese Disbud Stem and a Strelitzia Stem. Overwhelm him with your majestic love.

There you have it! Let these bunches of flowers speak for yourself.

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