Nothing says celebration than TGI Fridays! Regardless of how dreadful the week that was, there is nothing that can keep you from smiling because the weekend is in just a few hours away. Why don’t you start the weekend celebration with these plant and flower puns?

For those who needs a good laugh, this will definitely make your day happier (and funnier).

“If you were a flower, you’ll be a dandelion.”


Yes, you are fabulous! So don’t hesitate to flaunt what your Mama has given you.

“Why don’t miniature pumpkins go running with the bulls? They are afraid of being squashed.” -KN


It’s a legit concern. Even bigger pumpkins get squashed, right?

“Hope thistle make you feel better”


Have you seen Mel Gibson’s Braveheart? This pun is from a scene where a girl gave this bloom. The movie scene was a bit sad, yet, the joke made me laugh a little harder.

Check it out here.

“Yes, I’ll be over in a lily bit.”


So, please could you wait for a lily longer? *Smiles*

“If I’ll own a garden, I’ll put our tulips together.”


Smooth!  If I were I boy, I’d use this pick-up line. If I were a girl, I’d give you my digits.

“Why do you think trees have many friends? Because they branch out.”


A good advice from our dear friend. Signed with love, tree.

“How did the dictator gain control? He rose to power!”


How else would he or she do that? Definitely not by sitting down.

“The winter was difficult on the trees, but in the spring they were re-leafed.”  -Anthony Devin


They were so taut with the cold that their parts fell off.

“What does the letter A have in common with a flower? Both are followed by bees!”


Uhm. I am speechless.

“Knock, Knock!

Who’s there?


Lettuce who?

Lettuce in, it’s cold out here.”  


Can you also lettuce have hot coffee?

Sometimes all we need is a little laugh.  If you are from Australia, make it the merriest every and have yourself flower delivery in Australia. Check our bouquets here.

Happy weekend, everyone!