At one point their dating journeys, many women find themselves snuggled up with blokes of a much younger age than they.

dating-younger-men“Old enough to be your mother” has grown into a term of endearment and wonder as both parties attempt to navigate these socially uncharted waters. Certainly, there is a unique allure, a deep exploration of one’s own identity that comes up for a woman getting busy with a male possessing a fraction of her years.

Women are more commonly dating younger men for a myriad of great reasons:

  • She has been recently widowed or divorced;
  • She has just racked up a slew of negative experiences dating men in her age bracket or older;
  • She is seeking an adventure or wishes to expand her sexual horizons by testing her skills and stamina with an individual of surefire virility.

Additional benefits to dating younger males include:

  • Finding the carefree young person again that remains within us all;
  • Feeling beautiful and sexy at any age;
  • Exploring social and sensual roles and boundaries with openness;
  • Diversifying one’s own experience as it relates to generational identity;
  • Playing the role of teacher, leader or dominatrix with a guy interested in playing the role of student, follower or submissive can be both liberating and exhilarating for both parties, opening up new avenues for intimacy.

The UK‘s Stylist Magazine documented a study finding that 70 percent of women in Britain aged 35 and over fancy younger men and there quarters of men fantasise about dating an older woman. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are not the only pair in cougar town. This article showcases the many celebrity couples who have conquered an age gap.

It is well documented in all areas of life that if you are doing anything at all correctly, you will have “haters” who may gossip viciously about your dating choices in attempt to make themselves feel better about their own unhappiness.

They will deal with their own feelings of inadequacy and imprisonment by attempting to make you feel bad for your decision to be free, to do things that they are afraid of doing. It is best to keep calm and remember that anything said negatively about you has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the speaker, more often than not, specifically his or her desire to emulate you!