Keep those muscles stretched out and slather a good amount of sunblock on because we will turn the once boring family activities into an exciting day you will all look forward to. This is a tradition in the making!

So gather your notes and let us show you how to keep the love and bonding alive.  

Have camping nights during the summer!

Outdoor camping has a lot of activities that you can enjoy. It is a perfect time to bond and spend time together, plus the excitement of camping activities. You and the rest of the family have an unlimited choice of thrilling things to do while outside. The fun starts even during the planning. The good thing is, you can also enjoy it with a few relatives or extended family. The best part? It can be done in the comfort of your backyard.

Do gardening together!

Gardening is another budget-friendly outdoor activity. All you need to do is hit the market and get all your gear for an enjoyable day out. Some kids might be hesitant to join because the activity is a little messy, but you can make it more fun by holding a contest for the healthiest flower/plant grown. Not only is this a bonding time for the family, but it will also beautify your home’s garden.

Have a mini Olympics!

The Rio 2016 Olympics may have ended, but it is never too late to recreate it with a mini family Olympics. You can host a one-day activity for family-friendly sports like running and ball games as well as indoor board games. Simply imagine the teamwork and happiness while doing something healthy for the mind and body! Who knows? Your brothers, sisters, sons, or daughters may be budding Olympians.

Make a garage sale for a cause!

Instead of filling the attic and storage room with unused things, the family can benefit so much from holding a garage sale. You can choose to give the proceeds to a shelter for animals or children’s home. This will teach the children to be compassionate and participative in the community and to appreciate their blessings. There is nothing more fulfilling than doing a good deed together with the family.

Watch movies outdoor (with s’mores)!

Step-up the family movie night by having the film shown outdoors. Bring out the comfy bed, some cosy pillows and a homemade white screen where the movie will be projected. Make sure you check the weather and buy lots of marshmallows and chocolates for those delicious s’mores. This will add fun and excitement to the family as you do away with the old and boring movie night indoors.

The best way to strengthen family ties does not need to be expensive and elaborate. The presence of each and everyone is all you need. Even if you are far away from home, family ties don’t have to be cut loose.

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