When you have people that care for you, understand you completely and stand by you through thick and thin, no doubt, you have earned friends. Friendship brings something new in our lives. It inspires us to see the world in a different perspective, gives us a shoulder to lean on, and a cheerleader who truly believes in us.

Friendship comes in all sorts of forms such as the silly ones, the cool ones, and the serious buddies that somehow help us to at least grow up a little. They know us well and can immediately determine straight in our eyes that we’re mad, upset, or at our happiest.

No matter what happens, real friends will always hold a special place in our hearts. Unlike boys that may come and go, REAL friends don’t. They will always stay forever. Yes, we may all have our own different lives, but when we need them, we’re sure to have them around.

Here are a few of #TrueFriendshipGoals that we can relate to and will somehow remind us of our best buddies who once cried in our miseries, triumphed in our successes, and laughed with us in so many crazy little things.

They are our number one fan

01 - Beleaf

Our success is their happiness

02 - Snailed

When things in life mess up, they’re always there for us

03 - Back

They even become our source of strength

04 - Control

They never fail to show some care and support

05 - Support

They truly believe in us

06 - Donut

With them, we can be our real selves – crazy, silly, weird

07 - BestFriend

They sometimes make us laugh with their stupidity and clumsiness

08 - Clumsy

And annoy us with their expertise in cancelling plans

09 - Crasher

But admit it, or not…we’re so grateful to have them

10 - Orange

So don’t forget to appreciate your best buddy’s presence

11 - Pawesome

Best friends are hard to find. But when they finally come your way, they’ll surely make your life worthwhile. They are the few great people who know you as you are, truly understand where you have been, accept what you have become now, and gently allow you to grow and soar higher.

How about you? Have you finally come across your silly, weird, and genuine buddies who made your life’s journey a little crazy, fun, and meaningful? Celebrate your best years together as friends and express how grateful you are to have them in your life by sending them the elegant beauty of a  single long stem Rose sealed in a box.

Cheers to a great friendship!