There is no denying that it is becoming easier to build friendship today with the help of social media and online chat applications. WeChat, for example, can allow you to talk to complete strangers anonymously. Only when conversations become interesting that you will add the stranger to your circle of online friends. It’s a fun way to talk with people without having to disclose your real identity. But making friends with people anonymously never helps if you are looking for real and lasting friendship. Yes, it is never impossible to build lasting friendship from your online acquaintances. So, how do you do it? There are only 5 easy ways to get there.

1. Don’t get involved with cattle calls

Be specific about the people you are connecting with. Online networking (and even offline) commonly has little substance.  Don’t put yourself in the situation of collecting screen names. Instead, choose carefully the conversations you are most interested with.  

2. Choose quality over quantity

Quality over quantity is an old cliche that applies to everything. A few people who want to know what and how are you doing is more important than the thousand people who doesn’t even bother to care. So focus on the few people, and no more than that, to get to know better.

3. Say NO to shallow ends

You don’t want to get involved with people who doesn’t have a deep, meaningful purpose in your life. It is true to both people you meet online and offline. To get the most out of your friendship, connect only with the people who can go beyond the norm of networking.

4. Find a common bond

The only way to get through the trying times in a relationship is having a common bond. It is also true to online friendship. Another good thing about it is you will never go out of a topic to discuss. Then that discussion can lead to another more interesting things over time.

5. Meet with them offline

Meeting your online friend in person is the most important step to making a superficial connection into a real one. Though it could be creepy and hardly feasible, once the opportunity comes, you should go for it. Don’t miss the chance to transform your online friendship into a lasting one. But of course, always do it with caution.

Now that almost everything is available online – friends online, flowers online, games online, etc. – we can only find ways to enhance our experience and get the best out of all the things offered online.

Have you ever had online friends that became your best buds? What were your ways in transforming online friendship to a lasting friendship?