We are fond of incorporating fresh blooms in cakes, salads and savoury dishes. But, aside from the tea our grandmothers shove our way, we seldom find fresh flowers in our beverages.

As magical as they can be, flowers are also perfect flavouring and add on to coolers and cocktails. Let us show you how the trick works. It’s not as hard as you think.

Lavender Lemonade

Lavender Lemonade

Lavender Lemonade is an easy-to-do beverage inspired by the aroma and delicious flavour of  lavender blooms that will definitely quench your thirst. It’s a recipe perfect for the blistering summer heat and family picnics.

What you need:

Boiling water

Cold water

Lavender flowers

Lemon juice


How to mix it up?

Place lavender flowers in boiling water. Allow to soak.

Pour water into a pitcher while straining the lavender petals.

Pour cold water into the pitcher.

Add lemonade and sugar.

Served chilled with a stalk of lavender for garnish.


Rose Martini

Rose Martini

A sensual drink tinged with red roses will turn a home date night extra romantic. Drink this with an appetizing dinner, in the comfort of your home, and presence of your loved ones. You have everything you need, so why go out? Recreate the drink with this recipe.

What you need:


Lemon juice

Rose water


Rose petals



How to mix it up?

Boil sugar and water in a saucepan. Let it cool.

In a container, combine lemon juice, rose water and vodka.

Add ice cubes into the vodka mix and pour into martini glasses.

Garnish with rose petals and salt.


Viola Cocktails

Viola Cocktail

Viola plant genus has flowers that we can munch on, safely. Most are used for different kinds of food – from soups and salads to desserts. Now, we try putting them on cocktails for party- tropical-feel drinks.

What you need:

Whisky (or vodka)

White wine (or other liquor)

Juice (any flavour you like)

Edible viola flowers

How to mix it up?

Mix whisky and white wine in a shaker with ice.

Pour into a glass.

Add the juice.

Garnish it with viola.


Hibiscus Margarita

Hibiscus Margarita

Margaritas may not have a clear origin, but it is believed to be an offshoot from a tequila daisy. And by daisy, we mean fresh and sweet looking daisy flowers. Known as a party favourite, we depart from its daisy history and concoct something more exciting with hibiscus blooms.

What you need:

Hibiscus syrup (boiled sugar, water and hibiscus dried flowers)


Orange or lime  juice

Fresh hibiscus flowers

How to mix it up?

Pour liquids into drink shaker (syrup, tequila and juice) with ice.

Pour into a glass chilled.

Garnish with fresh hibiscus flowers and lime.


Chamomile Whiskey


Are you up for a relaxing night? Here is a combination of a soft and strong flavour- chamomile and whisky. This is a drink you would want to share with your significant other or good friends.

What you need:

Chamomile tea

Hot water




How to mix it up?

Put chamomile tea in hot water.

Add honey and whisky. Stir and allow to soak.

Mix in the shaker with ice.

Pour into a glass. Squeeze in the lime. Garnish with fresh chamomile flowers.


Pansy and Borage Cocktails

A nice cocktail drink perfect for wedding guests while waiting for dinner to be served. You can choose pansies that suit or complement your wedding theme as they come in a variety of colours from gold, red, white, purple and orange.

What you need:

Syrup (boiled borage, sugar and water)


Soda water


Liqueur of choice

Fresh pansy flowers

How to mix it up?

Combine gin, syrup, and liqueur of choice with ice in shaker.

Pour into a glass.

Add soda water.

Garnish with fresh pansy blooms.


Jasmine Coolers

Jasmine Cooler

Jasmine is famous for its scent and is popular among cosmetic manufacturers. And while they make women more beautiful, they are also a good ‘quencher’ of thirst. Combined with the right ingredients, you’ll have the most satisfying drink after a workout or being out on a hot day.

What you need:

Jasmine tea

Lime syrup (boiled sugar, lime juice)

Lemon juice

Hot water

Fresh jasmine flowers

How to mix it up?

Place jasmine tea in hot or boiling water. Allow to soak and cool down.

Combine lime syrup and lemon juice with jasmine tea. Mix well.

Pour chilled drink into glass. Garnish with fresh jasmine flowers and limes.


Elderflower Mojito

Elderflower Mojito

Not only are these flowers an excellent flavouring, but they also have medicinal characteristics used by our ancient ancestors. If you are a health buff, this is a superb alternative to your regular drinks. Who says you can’t be healthy with a little alcohol?

What you need:


Elderflower liqueur

Lime juice

Mint leaves

Simple syrup

Fresh elderflower

How to mix it up?

Combine rum and mint leaves.

Mix elderflower liqueur, lime juice and syrup in another container.

Pour two mixtures in glass or pitcher.

Garnish with fresh elderflower.
These beverages are good selections for special occasions and even in simple family meals and get-togethers. If you are from around Perth, make these moments super special and memorable with fresh blooms and by tapping your florist.