Making others happy is as simple as being there for them. Another perfect gesture is to brighten their day with pretty blooms. If your special someone is having a bad day, they deserve the best from the collection.

Our collection of blooms is the sure way to show you care.


You just can’t help but smile when you see this awe-inspiring bouquet of pink oriental Lilies and purple Irises. Who doesn’t want a bouquet that brings a positive mood? So, send this pink and purple sensation to someone and see the incredible change it can bring about. A bad day will turn into a peaceful and relaxing night. Add to the pleasure of sending flowers, by giving a motivating message along with your flower arrangement.

Elegant Ivory

If you aren’t sure what you want to send, this dazzling bouquet of ivory white Oriental and Asiatic lilies is an excellent, neutral choice. With the combination of its stunning blooms and fragrant perfume, its natural elegance will bring joy to those you care about. Can you imagine their beaming smile when you show up at their door with these blooms and their favourite ice cream?


Exuberance will impress the people you love with its combination of colours. You can never go wrong with a generous and colourful bundle of Chrysanthemums, Gerberas, Sims, Roses, Iris and more!  Preparing a home-cooked dinner and a vase of these will take their minds off  the horrors of the day.

12 Long Stem Premium Roses Bouquet

There is no greater gesture than giving the special people in your life red roses. It represents love and burning passion. More importantly, it represents courage– a good inspiration to push them to be stronger. Even if you are miles away, you can send this gorgeous arrangement to your special someone.


You’ll never know the happiness you can bring by the sweet and loving gesture of giving lovely flowers. With a stem of a striking pink Oriental Lily, some greenery and a simple wrap, the elegant Summit bouquet is an excellent choice to heighten the day of the sophisticated someone in your life. So, bring glee with a bouquet of this bloom and some chocolate cake, maybe?


Bring the mysteries of the tropics to that special person with a fantastic bouquet of exotic Dendrobium Orchids and tropical leaves. This stunning, lush bouquet will work beautifully in the bedroom– a nice way of wishing them to have a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow brings new promises after all.

Sexy Sadie

A collection of astonishing red roses and Gerberas will truly show your love and care for the special person in your life. You would want to express your care loud and clear, so bring these flowers personally and give them your biggest hug.

Amber Eyes

The glowing colours of these orange Asiatic Lilies complemented with white Lilies will certainly be the reason for a big beaming smile! This works well with a nice meal or a dessert from their favourite pastry place. Sometimes all you have to do is  show that you are there for them, and everything will be better in their world again.     

The greatest and most effective way of cheering up the people we care for is to make them feel extra special. With the help of these beautiful flowers, you can lighten any bad day.

Are you from Singapore? You don’t have to worry, your trusted online florist caters to this region. Grab these bouquets here.