An author once said, “in the midst of nature we can experience our own nature – that which is whole, complete and total.” When we think of our existence, we see a picture of ourselves standing amidst the vastness of the Earth– a small part of this big world. We see how beautiful it can be. We’ve experienced the calmness it brings. Truly, it never it fails to amaze us with wonders beyond our imaginations. Alas, we often forget the innate connection we have with  Mother Earth.

Let these poems inspire you to reexperience the Earth that gave us life.


I Love a Lonely Winding Road by Alora M Knight

In Nature’s Realm by Andrew Downing

In Nature’s Realm by Andrew Downing

Snow Vision by Rita Reed

Sunrise on the Hills by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Stop. Go out. Explore. Experience.

Know that there are various ways to reignite the connection you have with nature. In the simplest way of growing your own garden with flowers Brisbane, you can hear for yourself the murmured tale that each part of this world has to tell.