Life is all about chances. You take risks in order to discover unknown truths. So why do we put too much gravity on second chances? What is it with giving a person another opportunity to redeem himself? The fact remains… we all make mistakes and somehow we have to give each other a shot to recover from failure. But then again, even the most lenient person has its own breaking point.

There is a limit.

There is a boundary.

Sooner or later, we will reach an end where we can no longer bear a person’s demeanour towards us. And because we prefer to avoid conflicts at all cost, we control the chances we give. This is very much present in the rules that govern us. If it weren’t for the limitations implemented, the world would be in utter chaos. But unfortunately, these are all general restrictions and are not entirely applicable to all types of individuals.

This is where rehabilitation comes in – second chances. Who are we to forbid a person to change for the better? Even just for once, we all deserve to be forgiven.

Nobody is perfect.

The definition of perfect becomes biased based on a person’s perception. What may be perfect for you may not be the same to another. Our wrongs do not define us. Committing a mistake is natural for a human being. The problem lies when we don’t take responsibility for our lapses. Be willing to give second chances, but make sure that it’s for their well-being.

We have the right to become better versions of ourselves.

We all have moments of failures and these are what drive us to become better. If we don’t allow each other to make mistakes, we will never learn and grow as a person. As long as we don’t settle and stay as a failure, there is always room for improvement.

We deserve forgiveness.

We are already dealing with different emotions and sometimes it’s just too much to handle that lead to us doing something we would soon regret. Everyone deserves forgiveness. There is no point in holding a grudge for someone. You will only fill yourself with hate and prevent yourself from moving on. To forgive is not an easy process especially if the gravity of his or her actions deeply wounded your heart. It takes time, a LOT of time to be in fact. Just don’t close your mind to the possibility of opening your heart to kindness once again. Sometimes, giving a second chance can save a life.

When you do something that you deeply regret, forgiveness is something you could not easily get. Prove that you are worthy of another opportunity. Ask for a second chance by sending flowers to prove your genuine apology.