Do you have a secret admirer? Are you having trouble figuring out who sent those flowers to your office? Here are some ways to find out who is loving you from a distance.

There are five ways to find out who your secret admirer is:

1. Before the flowers or gift arrived, did anyone ask you questions about where you are likely to be at a certain time? Have they been speaking to you with a stranger knowing smile on their face. Is there anyone you know that has been paying particular attention to your likes and dislikes? If so, they may be your secret admirer…or they may know who it is!

2. When you first receive your flowers or gift, take notice of who is paying particular attention to your reaction. One of these people may just be your secret admirer.

3. A little test. Pretend to go to lunch if you received the surprise flowers at work, but then return because you ‘forgot your purse’. If anyone is hanging about the flowers, they could be there to see how you have presented them… If you have presented them beautifully in a vase with pride…this will please them as it shows you have enjoyed the flowers very much!

4. Ask around! But be discrete. This person is obviously shy and may not want everyone to know. It’s likely your secret admirer has told someone though. So look out for some hints from people around you that may know about your special delivery.

5. Who do you like? Is there someone in the office or in your friendship group that you have thought would make a great boyfriend or girlfriend, but you haven’t had the chance to tell them? Chances are they feel the same way!

Good luck finding out who your secret admirer is!