Every year, brides pick their favorite colours and arrangement of flower bouquets. This year’s pick reflect a more free-spirited set of brides with love for everything organic and natural touched with style and glamour. Brace yourself as we reveal to you the top trending bouquet designs that brides have been choosing for their 2017 wedding.

1. Organic, loose, big, and wide arrangement

This year, brides are looking for large, loose bouquets of seasonal flowers and luscious leaves with very interesting lines and arrangement that usually stretches out horizontally. Say goodbye to ‘roundy moundy’ tight structured designs, and hello to ‘just picked flowers from the garden’ look this 2017. The bigger and the more natural it looks, the better.

2. ‘Pantone Colour of the Year’ inspired colour palette

Inspired by Pantone’s colour of the year, Rose Quartz, all colours with its similar shade go big this 2017. Blush, peachy pinks and nude tones paired with deep, moody colours, darker foliage, and even rustic hues is becoming a thing on this year’s wedding palettes. This colour trend will be seen transcending all throughout the year complemented in various ways.

3. Berries and herbs infused

Berries, fruiting vines, herbs, and other edibles are making their way in bridal bouquets and wedding centrepieces this year. The unripe berries and herbs such as rosemary and lavender have shades that perfectly complements with the autumn or winter colours aside from infusing wonderful fragrances and textures to seasonal bridal bouquets and wedding florals.


4. Chic and glamorous jeweled florals

Brides seek for an elevated farm-fresh look with jeweled florals, interesting vases, rich textiles and more accessories in 2017. Copper is also taking the spotlight this year. The warm metallic colour is ideal, especially when combined with white seasonal florals and various green foliage for spring or summer weddings.

5. Clashing colours vs. single colour bouquets

Brides are choosing themselves between clashing colours or single colour bouquets in 2017. While a huge number of brides are sticking with a single colour floral palette this year, the more adventurous brides are going with the bright, clashing colours that excite and install energy to weddings.

This trends are expected to continue in 2017 weddings with more twists and surprises. Flowers will always be the centre of attention next to the bride and groom during weddings. How they are arranged, combined, mixed and matched is always one of the most awaited parts – the reason why they are chosen with much care and planning. How the flowers look can most certainly define the mood of the big day.

Do you have preferred bridal bouquet style for next year’s weddings? Share it with us in the comment below.