I had a bad (understatement of the year!) day; everything that could go wrong went wrong!

Let me set the scene for you: When you set your alarm for work to wake you up at 5:00am, you wake up at 6am and start screaming at your phone, then you realise that the alarm was set for 5:00PM instead of AM! You run for the morning commute and your heel breaks off, you arrive just in time to the office building and because you’re waiting for the lift – you’re ten minutes late, you’re making your morning cup of coffee and your mug slips and crashes on the floor! Seriously – the day carried on in that way! We’ve all been there!

My experience says that after a day like that – your evening can only get better! Do you plan an evening in with your loved one and just cuddle up and watch TV? Arrange to meet friends and have an evening of dinner and conversation (albeit you will be reiterating most of your terrible day verbatim to dampen their evenings!) or spend the evening pampering yourself (whereby you’ll mull over the terrible day and wonder how you could have done it differently!).


On evenings like this, I tend to find myself with a glass of wine venting my woes to anyone who will listen (exit loved ones as they have heard it time and time again!). Seriously – pets are fantastic listeners! My cat “Bubbles” is a great conversationalist – she lets me vent and offers her meows as answers of her understanding that I am not ready to join the loony bin and I am quite justified in my vent. Trust me your dog/s will do the same and at a push, you could even try talking to the goldfish!

Wine, I have discovered, is my magic ingredient! The moment I need to wind down and take a step back from the day of Hell, I find that kicking off the heels and settling down to a nice glass of wine (or several bottles!), always does it. Depending on the weather; in the heat of summer, a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc; warm autumn, a refreshing glass of Rosé; or in the chilling winter, a hearty glass of Merlot. Whatever the occasion, wine can be a great elixir to all your woes.

Don’t get me wrong – I am a modern day lass, I can hold my liquor when I am out with the girls for a night out. Cosmopolitan or Margaritas are the required necessity; Pimms for when I need to be sophisticated and out for a hot summer day with Strawberries and Cream; and when with the Gentlemen’s club, I can swirl a glass of single malt Whisky with the best of them (even completing the look with pretending to smoke a cigar)!

In times when a luxurious massage, a pamper session or an amazing “melt in your mouth” meal is not on the menu, that one simple glass of wine or two (Oh heck – the bottle!), seems to be my answer on how to thank my lucky stars that I still have my sanity, and I am still standing at the end of the day.

As a regular person who does give time to read the “Medical Studies” once in a while – I tend to give myself a mental “high 5” when I see that “a glass of red wine a day keeps the doctors away!”!  

My husband’s view – beer solves everything………..

And just for the ladies… a little eye candy and fantastic twirling cocktail skills.


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