The union of two people in-love will never be complete without blooms gracing the important celebration. Beautiful blossoms have been part of weddings ever since, and brides-to-be are in a constant fuss about how to fit the flowers into their wedding budget. Yes, brides want their weddings the way they always dreamed it to be. But, budget constraints are evil witches that will keep brides from having that fairytale ending.

Pause. Take a chill pill. Enjoy this once in a lifetime journey with these five useful pieces of advice to make that fantasy wedding come true.


Plan ahead and discuss the budget with your florists

The bride should tell her florist exactly how much of her wedding budget goes to flowers. As the florist knows the ins and outs of the flower industry, he or she can give advice on the flowers to be used and the floral arrangement that will suit your plan.

It will also be helpful if you provide the florist with specific instructions to keep all flower activities on track. From here, you can tweak your initial budget plan based on the florist’s suggestions.

Repurpose floral arrangements

If your wedding ceremony and reception take place at different venues, then don’t just leave decors at the church or chapel. It is only practical and wise to bring aisle arrangements, archways and other flower decors to the reception.

Brides can ask their florists to create plans on how to reuse and transport these arrangements to the reception venue. This will help create a consistent wedding theme without spending double on flowers.

Keep an open mind to other blooms

Brides want to incorporate their favourite flowers or those that hold significance to them. So, they often say that they don’t want to use certain kinds of flowers for their wedding. That is perfectly fine. But, the reality is, some flowers may not be available during your wedding.

The wife-to-be should keep an open mind to these constraints and listen to the suggestions of the florist. Trying to expand the budget just to cater your whims will not end happily for you. Your florist will be glad to provide alternative flowers that are just as pretty.

Choose local and in-season blossom

Cheap flowers are always available if you just know where and when to find them. Brides can opt for inexpensive blossoms without compromising elegance by buying local and blooms that are in season. If your preferred blossoms are not in-season, ask the florist which flowers are in bloom during your wedding and whether these are available locally. Just remember that not having your original flowers is hardly a disaster. All you need is to work with what you have that is well within the budget.

Bridesmaid alternative bouquets

You can do away with floral bouquets for the bridesmaids. Don’t fret about not having flowers for them because they can carry a bouquet made of buttons, feathers, ribbons, beads, papers and brooches. The possibilities of substitutes are endless if you are creative enough. Why don’t you bring out the bridesmaids’ crafty selves to make DIY projects for alternative bouquets? Brides can now divert the budget to other important elements like her dress or her own bridal bouquet.

Your wedding is yours to enjoy. There are no hard rules on how to celebrate your love. You don’t have to start forever with your significant other with a majority of the budget spent on flowers. As you are starting to make a family, your savings are far important for the future.