This post looks at being single on Valentine’s Day and 5 funny ways to cope with all the romance.

Single on Valentine’s Day? Well, you certainly are not alone and you probably aren’t lonely. According to Pacific Standard you might actually think that your singleness is the best thing going.

Coupled? You wish your friends would hurry up and find Mr. Right, already. (After all, they’re not getting any younger.) Single? You don’t see a diamond ring—you see an iron ball and chain.

“We often become evangelists for our own lifestyles,” writes a trio of psychologists in a forthcoming Psychological Science report on the phenomenon. In other words, being single (or coupled) is obviously the best way to be … right up until we get hitched (or split), at which point the calculus of love suddenly inverts itself.
Emotionally, we reinforce our decision to tie the knot (or file for divorce) by searching for external validation, or “normative idealisation.” The psychologists observe that, not long after the rice is thrown, married couples often cut ties with their single friends—after all, who wants a fifth wheel at the party? Likewise, the unbetrothed lament the loss of their once-wild-and-crazy sorority sister, now locked up in her suburban prison.

Here are some ideas for those of you that choose to dig in their heels and enjoy Valentine’s Day, despite societal mores that tell us everyone should be in couples on the day of love.

1. Sing Tina Turner’s “What’s love got to do with it!”. Loudly.

This song is pretty much the anthem for single people. It’d be hilarious to see couples’ reactions if you would pull up beside them singing like you’re auditioning for American Idol. Nothing would prepare you to cherish their reactions like a camcorder.

2. Sing The Same Song Even Louder At Karaoke

Like the rest of the world, the U.S. is a nation that loves karaoke. It’s just something about horribly mangling songs that brings the citizens together. So, share your love for music on that most-romantic of days.

3. Have A “Singles Only” Party Near Venues Where Couples Hangout

“Party over here! Nothing over there.” This surely would annoy even the most humble of couples. Though funny, you would need to have appropriate signage outside the party. You know, like: “Singles Only,” “Remember These Days?” “Sure Wish I Was Single… Oh Wait,” and the classic “If You Only Knew Then What You Know Now.” You’d need to have people outside taking photos of the on-lookers for a hilarious collage.

4. Have Valentine’s Gifts “Anonymously” Delivered To Yourself At Work

Of course, the buzz wouldn’t be complete without the nosy co-workers seeing you receive gifts all day from “secret admirers.” As aforementioned, it’s all in good fun, right? Why not toss a hot sauce into the mix and spice things up a bit? You can clarify things the next day, if you choose.

5. Just Be Completely Unbothered And Enjoy The Entire Day

It’s a day for love. You just happened to love to laugh. Given these possible scenarios, one would surely “bust a gut” throughout the day.

…via Valentine’s Day 2015: Five Funny Ways Singles Can Annoy The

While the above it certainly tongue-in-cheek and to be tried at your own risk, the fact remains that Valentine’s Day is a day like any other and meant to be enjoyed by all. So go on, send yourself flowers, you deserve it! Here are a couple videos to bring some further humour into your Valentine’s Day experience.