Wedding Pros and Cons- Floral Bouquets vs. Potted Plants

Here comes the bride, troubled with all her wedding plans. It’s June and many are excited to tie the knot. If you are one of those anxious women who still can’t decide what flowers to go for, this article might be able to solve your dilemma.

For a long time, florists have always been patronized by soon-to-be brides to spice up their matrimony. Luckily, a lot have changed and we have now the option to choose potted plants for decoration. It’s simply a matter of preference. To help you weigh down your decision, we have compiled some pros and cons of floral bouquets and potted plants.

Floral Bouquets

Flower arrangements are typical blooms cut and grouped together to form an alluring ornament. There is no limit to this bunch, you can have a wide selection of blossoms and greenery to make up a perfect wedding. They have been broadly used not just in matrimony but also on different occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and a whole lot more.


  • You can easily display them on vases and baskets. No need to get your hands dirty to look for soil.
    Flower delivery is very much available. They are also considered as convenient gifts since there are a lot of flower shops online that you may call to order bouquets anytime and anywhere.
  • They are simple to arrange and form into a wonderful masterpiece. Since florists utilize cut flowers, they don’t have to exert much time on the arrangement.
  • They don’t demand a great deal of caring. Since the floras being used are already cut, they no longer need sunlight. You can place them wherever you desire.


  • It can cost you some huge amount of money especially if the blossoms you desire are not in season.
  • They can only last for about a week or two. After their stems are cut, flowers will bloom and then gradually start to wither.

Potted Plants

Planted floras are a great way to decrease carbon footprint. Depending on its kind, they may be replanted and displayed in your garden. It is ideal for devoted gardeners who love to see plants grow through their own hands.


  • They will last longer. Compared to cut flowers, their stems are still connected to the root system. It allows them to absorb the essential nutrients to stay alive.
  • It gives you the enjoyment of seeing it grow year after year. Some types of plants can also multiply in number through its seeds, bulbs, or cuttings.
  • They are cheaper than a bouquet of flowers.


  • They require an ample amount of care since they are still connected to their roots.
    They cannot be conveniently displayed on places without sunlight.
  • Delivery is not that available. There are limited number of flower shops that sell potted plants which make it difficult for gifts.
  • Selection is not that abundant. Compared to flower bouquets, most potted plants only contain one type of flora.

Both choices are perfect for any wedding. The important thing is that you were able to anticipate their disadvantages which will enable you to avoid any inconvenience on your very special day. A wedding is an extraordinary moment in your life, do not dwell on too many worries. Smile.