The Happiest Person

Who wouldn’t love to be more happy? According to Instagram sensation Grandma Betty, happiness is living every moment with love, grace and gratitude. Pharrell Williams mentioned Grandma Betty on his Instagram account, which introduced her to a large number of his fans worldwide. Using this platform, she spread her joy, optimism, and happiness to as many people as possible, in particular to those with cancer. She insisted she would stay happy until the end, despite having lost her husband and daughter to cancer and having lung cancer herself.

Sadly, Grandma Betty passed away in August last year. However, while alive she inspired hundreds of thousands of people to be happy and always smile, no matter what.  As she says in the video below, she wanted to become a Grandma to everyone, and I am sure most of her over 600,000 fans on Instagram would have loved to have had her as theirs.

Do you have a Grandma or other mature woman who has inspired you? If so count yourself lucky to have that sort of happiness in your life. Whether or not yours is the happiest in the world, all Grans are a beautiful inspiration. Take this opportunity opportunity to remember your dear old (or not so old!) Grandmothers. Pick up the phone, send her flowers or even a special ‘hello’ Facebook, to let her know that she’s in your thoughts.