Essence of romance is uncertainty

Essence of romance is uncertainty, not spending loads of money.


Romance. Nearly everyone wants more of it, but some time you might have more love than money. This is the second of five post with ideas keeping the romance alive. The first one extolled the virtues of creativity, using ‘out of the box’ ideas to spice things up. So scream “thank gawd its Friday!”,  and let the (affordable) weekend roll-on with these romance tips:

Spend the entire day watching romantic movies at home.


Go to a place were you can really enjoy the sunset, such as a local beach or vantage point above your city. BYOB optional, but a nice touch.


Call a local radio station and request a special love song to be dedicated to your partner. Make sure he or she is listening!


If you’d like to spend a romantic summer night making wishes on falling stars, mark the second week in August on your calendar. The earth passes through the Perseid meteor belt around August 12 every year, which usually results in spectacular meteor showers for two to three nights.


Buy a lottery ticket. Give it to your partner with a little note attached: “I hit the jackpot when I met/married you!”


Pick wild flowers for your partner from your garden, the side of the road or another public area. Better yet, do it will out on a free walk in nature.


Write a short note to your lover that’s spread out over several postcards, then mail the cards one at a time. You’ll build anticipation for the romantic conclusion on the final postcard (maybe deliver that last one in person).


Don’t just go out to a movie on Saturday, like always. Call your partner from work on Wednesday and formally ask for a date.


Make a custom certificate for your lover (you can get blank certificate forms at a stationery or paper store, but a handmade one is also enduring and free). Here are some suggestions: A certificate “For Putting Up With Me Over the Years,” an award for “The World’s Best Wife/Partner/Lover,” a ribbon “For Hugs & Kisses Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.”


….via 40 Creative Romantic Ideas | ReadersDigest

We hope these are useful, whether or not you are on a tight budget. As the wise Oscar Wilde said “The very essence of romance is uncertainty.” Upcoming posts over the next three weeks will focus on quick, outrageous and classic ideas. These will also be on Fridays, just in time to turn up the heat on the weekends!