“The expression one wears on one’s face is far more important than the clothes one wears on one’s back.” – Dale Carnegie

The act of smiling is more than just a contraction of your face muscles. As what Dale Carnegie said, it is far more important than the clothes you are wearing. Your jolly expression will make you appear approachable and pleasing. Wearing a genuine smile gives off a positive feeling to the people around you which entices them to smile back at you.

All of us can use some positivity in our lives. We are too caught up with the busy world that we can’t even spare a second to smile. Imagine walking along the road and meeting a person with a scowled face? Would that be a good thing to start your day with? Of course not. We don’t need another person to remind us of negativity. Nobody wants to be sad, we all want to be happy.

Happiness is just around the corner, you just have to figure out how to think of a “happy thought”. These few steps will help you get on the right track.

Step 1 – Start with yourself

How else can you spread happiness if you can’t even start within yourself? Visualise the moments that could make you laugh. All things start as a “thought” then eventually become action. They are like seeds, it is up to us if we cultivate them to grown in sadness or happiness.

Studies say that doing the things you love could also make you happy. Enjoy doing the things you are passionate about. If you are surrounded by negative people, stay away from their bad aura. You deserve to be comfortable and feel good about yourself. Being happy is a choice, you just have to curve those lips into a genuine smile.

Step 2 – Give some love

Life’s too short to be sad about trivial things. It’s time that you radiate happiness around you. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your loved one’s smile and knowing you’re the reason behind it. Surprise them with a lovely bouquet of blooms through flower delivery Adelaide and let them be reminded of your love.

Step 3 – Share kindness

Help someone around you. It doesn’t have to be someone close to you. It could even be a complete stranger. Kindness is something that should be abundantly and openly given. Every time you do a simple “kind” act, you also get to share a piece of your heart. It is the greatest gift you could give to someone who is having a very bad day.  

You can start by complimenting someone about something like their new hair or outfit. You just have to be genuine about your words – no doubt, your words will make the person smile.

Be an angel to someone today with an act of kindness.

A smile is only contagious only if you are genuine about it. When you have emotions bottling up inside you, a good laugh could also see life in a brighter perspective. Smiles and laughter once shared make others feel better. Fill your life with positivity by harnessing the power of a smile.