Taranaki is a region in the west of New Zealand and known for its central geographical dormant stratovolcano of Mount Taranaki. One of the most anticipated events that are renowned for its breathtakingly beautiful gardens. This 2016 is said to be the 12th Taranaki Fringe Garden Festival. It’s one of the friendliest garden festivals that has a variety of plants and flowers that grow naturally in Taranaki and will be open to the public from October 28 to November 6, 2016. It will showcase more than 50 different gardening skills bringing it to the highest level with certified guru’s and active committees that will assist you through the whole event.

Exploring the private towns of Taranaki

There are currently 40 isolated town and country gardens that will showcase variations of gardening skills, styles, flower arrangements, and foliage that will prosper from the rich volcanic soil of Taranaki. The facilitator will be around the whole event which includes a programme of activities and inspirational talks by gardening leaders, workshops and tours.

Here are 3 things you can witness:


There are more than 50 of Taranaki’s gardens to showcase. They welcome visitors and spectators to the delightful and extraordinary splendour of the magnificent gardens of Taranaki.

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Places of Interest

The region became the home of numerous local tribes from the 13th century. It’s an old historic place and one of the nicest to see. It’s is a great place to explore craft shops, galleries, nurseries, and old churches along the festival garden trail.

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While taking a walk around more surprises await you along the trail. Witness the large collection of fascinating old devices and contraptions as well as simple ones.  See massive collections of vintage machinery with many that are still fully functional.

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Gardens full of colourful flower arrangements or types of flower designs will be the spotlight of every occasion or possibly in your backyard. Witness these spectacular events, trying them out to explore and implement the ideas you get from the workshop. Designs you have seen can be added to your skills as it’s simply a basic start-up to enhance them.  If you’re in a remote location where beautiful flowers don’t typically bloom; ordering flowers online is one of your best options. zFlowers.com offers same day delivery straight to your doorstep.

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This event will enhance your gardening skills, flower arrangement skills and broaden your ideas with their accommodating facilities and facilitators. If you’re a true nature lover, exploring the wonders of New Zealand and want to witness a spectacular event, you should definitely check this out!