Flower Happiness

Flowers are happiness, so this post looks at when and what to give for holidays and special occasions.


Valentine’s Day 2015 has come and gone, but there are plenty of other holiday opportunities to give fresh flowers to the special people in our life. Easter occurs on the inception of Spring on 5 April, Mother’s Day is in May and Father’s Day is in September. Floral arrangements are the most poignant and personal gift items to communicate all forms of love. A bouquet of Lilies or Roses is a wonderful gesture for anyone and Gerberas are like magical fresh flower hugs that no one can resist. Also even when it is not a holiday, a quick order online of fresh flowers for a burgeoning romance will always be appreciated, as beautiful bouquet is a unique symbol representing the delicacy of a relationship.

Easter is also only a few weeks away. The gifts of Easter are important for a gesture of love toward the closest members of our families, especially grand parents and that favourite aunt who always spoiled you as a kid. Many people will celebrate Mother’s Day to show appreciation for the love, achievements and efforts of both mothers and mother figures, including friends, aunts, mentors, bosses and grandmothers. Giving fresh flowers to the person at the centre of a holiday or personal celebration is a gesture appropriate for any place and time. Additionally, love displayed with an online order of flowers communicates that you are someone who really cares, and never forgets a special occasion, even if you are not be together on their special day.

Choose the Right Type

You should know what your significant other loves the most when it comes to floral arrangements. Roses are always a hit, but perhaps your lady loves a variety of flowers put together which forms the perfect arrangement. Here are common types of flowers to give:

  • Roses – This elegant flower is a classic and ideal for any romantic occasion. Additionally, these come in a wide variety of colours and types to select from including red, white, pink and yellow.
  • Lilies – These flowers have a trumpet shape that may grow up to a six inch diameter. It is not uncommon for the stems of a lily to get to be at least six feet high. You can get these in the classic white colour or the pink ones if you want a splash of vibrant colour.
  • Tulips – You may associate the beginning of spring with this budding flower, but you are sure to add value to any bouquet you place this beautiful flower into immediately.
  • Orchids – It’s common to think of Easter at the mere mention of the word, but this blooming beauty can open the heart of any female in your life.
  • Gerberas – These flowers come a variety of bright, fresh colours and are a favourite flower choice for expressing cheerful sentiments. Traditional meaning is beauty and innocence.

Don’t Warn your Lady

Studies indicate that 96% of women love to get flowers without notice. Being spontaneous and sending a beautiful bouquet, large or small, is sure to be a hit with the woman in your life.

Consider having the flowers specially delivered to the office or workplace of the lady you want to please. This will gain the attention of co-worker and is sure to help you gain brownie points, as well.

…via: 3 Tips for Giving Women Flowers | Icanhasinterests

Choice flowers like Roses, Lilies, Orchids and Gerberas are not only the ideal dating fauna, but an exquisite addition to any special holiday or celebration. We wish your flora gifts bring joy and brighten the lives of the recipients. As Spefano Gabbana put it so well “To me, flowers are happiness.”