It’s spring time! For travel enthusiasts, the best destinations to go are the flower farms. They don’t bloom all year long, but once they do, it’s like the heavens are brought down on earth. Seven of the largest, most spectacular, and breathtaking fields of flowers around the world, where most of your ordered flowers online came from, is what you will be visiting in this section. Don’t skip a word, be awed, and enjoy.



1. Furano, Japan

Furano is a city in Northern Hokkaido prefecture in Japan that, instead of cars and skyscrapers, has hundreds of hectares of flower fields. It is most famous for its lavender fields that are a favorite place to visit by couples and those looking for love in the purest sense. One specific farm that’s worth mentioning is Farm Tomita. Aside from the vast awe-inspiring lavender fields, it also grows lilies, poppies, and sunflowers. Truly a place to visit when life gets too hard and gloomy. The sight of the millions of flowers in one perfectly laid field will make you reminisce the happy memories in life and reflect on the real beauty of this chaotic world. What comes immediately to your mind when you see a field of lavenders?



2. Keukenhof, Netherlands

The place that could make you forget all your miseries and grievances in life, Keukenhof is the largest and most beautiful spring garden you can ever find in the world. Located in the beautiful country of Netherlands, and as pleasant as the people that live in there, Keukenhof is like a scene from a fairy tale that comes to life. Each restless soul can bask in the beauty of 7 million bulbs and 800 varieties of tulips. Who doesn’t love tulips? Well, I bet nobody. Now, how about getting in a place with a sea of tulips of different varieties and colors? Even if you haven’t found your one true love yet, you will fall in love with nature, and you will realize that would be enough.



3. Tuscany, Italy

Italy is one of the dream places to go for most people who are looking for romance. In fact, ITALY means I Trust And Love You. What else can you expect from a place that already has a romantic name? Well, I got that idea from the Filipino movie I watched a decade ago.

Tuscany is one region in Italy that will make you dream of living in the classic renaissance era and bring back the beauty and sophistication of the past. But if you think the sight of mountains, villages, art, and natural wonders of Tuscany is enough, wait til you get to Roseto Fineschi – the largest among the private rose gardens. There you’ll find out that you really don’t know roses enough and wished you have given your loved one a better bunch of roses.



4. Crested Butte, Colorado

Up in the West Elk Mountains during the Wildflower Festival that lasts a week, the hillside of Crested Butte turns into a bed of wildflowers especially of alpine sunflowers that take a decade to bloom and comes only once in their lives. The Elk mountains is a favorite of hikers and bikers and of those who are looking for ways to de-stress or move on from a toxic relationship. Why not? The sight of the mountains plus the beauty of the wildflowers is like a therapy to a tortured heart.



5. Giverny, France

The garden in Claude Monet’s place in France is a proof that the beauty of flowers can inspire a person to do great things and be great. Who knows what Claude Monet has been through during his lifetime. What we know now is that he spent time tending the water lilies in his garden, loved the sight of them and painted them into what now are art masterpieces. Claude Monet became the founder of French Impressionist painting and his works, both his garden and his paintings, are being visited by lots of people around the world.



6. Mainau Island, Germany

Be awed in this 110 acres of radiant flower beds on an island surrounded by a lake. Also known as “Flower Island”, Manua Island in Zurich, Germany might be the place you are looking for to escape from all of life’s stressors – away from the noise and different kinds of distractions. The Swedish prince, Count Bernadotte, devoted his passion for flowers in this island in 1932. Today, his children are managing the floral paradise. To be on an island transformed into a floral paradise by a prince is like living your fairy tale dream. What more could you ask for?



7. Luoping, China

Ah, the beauty of this vast field of canola is both breath-taking and relaxing. The blue sky, the mix of brown and green mountains, and the sea of yellow canola flowers will make you believe we are truly living in an amazing planet. Just the sight of it from afar is enough to heal a broken spirit. Come closer to the fields and you will gasp in amazement. Can you imagine how many people have painstakingly planted those flowers? But they didn’t mind because they know their hard work and sacrifices will be worth it.

These are only seven destinations. Think about how vast our world is, and how many more places out there are as beautiful if not more beautiful than the places listed here. Would you believe now that despite the chaos and suffering people are experiencing each day, we undeniably have a wonderful world? Let me know what you think in the comment box below and don’t forget to send flowers to your loved ones.