A lot of mothers-to-be find it hard to decide on whether to find out about their baby’s gender months before bringing them out into the world, or keep it as a secret and let themselves be surprised when the baby’s finally come out.

Well, let us help you a bit with that. We have weighed down the pros and cons of having the baby’s gender known before the day of birth, and the reasons why some parents choose one way from another. Read on and find out what’s best for yourself.

Pros of finding out the baby’s sex before birth:

  • If you have a difficult pregnancy, it can be an incredible reward halfway through it.
  • The baby will feel more real, and a closer bond between you and your soon-to-be child can start to flourish.
  • You would have time to welcome things openly if your heart is already settled on the other gender.
  • Naming your baby will become easier as you will only have to pick on one specific list of names.
  • If you have other children, they will feel more connected and involved if they know whether they’ll be having a little sister or brother.
  • It would be easier for you to purchase gender-specific baby clothes and nursery stuff.
  • It will also be easier for your family and friends to choose what gifts to buy.

Cons of finding out the baby’s sex before birth:

  • Finding it out ahead of time could spoil the greatest surprise.
  • There’s a possibility that you could develop gender-specific expectations of your baby.
  • You will receive too many gender-specific toys and clothes.
  • You might not be able to find it out if the baby is not in the right position.
  • You might be given a wrong result because ultrasounds are not entirely accurate.
  • You could be preparing for one gender only to have the other when the baby finally comes out.

Many soon-to-be-mothers like to find out their baby’s gender ahead of time so they can wrap their brains around their little angel and so they can start to think of all the beautiful things that could come with being a boy or a girl. This is good for those who aren’t fond of mysteries and those who don’t want to mess up on the things to buy. It also made naming their babies a lot simpler.  To sum it all up, finding out the baby’s sex before birth is merely practical.

On the other hand, some soon-to-be mothers like the mystery of surprises. Some think that since you are going to suffer through labor, might as well have a surprise to look forward to at the end. A surprise is pleasant, and it is a bonus to the miracle that is about to happen.

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Have you figured out a decision for yourself yet? If you need more help, sound it off in the comments below, and we’ll be glad to share our pieces of ideas.