Parents are the best!

Given our special relationship with them and all they’ve done for us, parents are the best!


A Special Relationship

The celebrated English author Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) once made an observation that still resonates today: “(t)he longer we live, and the more we think, the higher value we learn to put on the friendship and tenderness of parents…” He went on to observe: “Parents we can have but once…”

Even in the fast-paced, busy high tech Information Age, family life often revolves around the small daily acts of kindness shown by parents and children to one another. Although in one sense, every individual possesses a unique parental-child relationship, practically everyone would agree that few family ties remain as enduring, or as important, as the emotional ties linking parents and their children, whether biological or adopted.

A Time For Thanks

Children are usually focused intently on the moment. It is hard for us to fully appreciate the entire range of the daily sacrifices made by our parents on our behalf until much later in life. For example, the long hours a parent spent working to provide for family necessities may not register until one’s own children arrive. Or consider the attention and care your parents expended creating a comfortable home environment. Think of all those think of all those medical appointments, shopping trips, outdoor recreation, athletic meets, school events, social functions, etc. The love a doting mom or dad displays transporting children to a huge variety of events like these often goes unrecognized in the rush of activities. Many parents devote significant portions of their own lives to tasks that place the needs, wishes or best interests of their children above their own personal goals or desires.

Expressing Gratitude

Earlier this year, singer Sam Smith won an impressive four Grammys at a music industry award ceremony in Los Angeles, including Best New Artist. He used this opportunity to express his thanks to his parents in a touching tribute. Gratitude touches everyone and it is an emotion that all of us share. See the video below of people thanking their mother is simply awesome.

Especially at this time of year, with Parents Day’s this weekend, it pleases many people who enjoy the good fortune of having living parents, to send gifts or flowers as a token of appreciation to their mothers and fathers. Whether you send a simple note and a bouquet, or include a full gift basket along with your communication, you can feel confident the recipient will understand your sentiments and respond with joy. Parents are the best!