cactus cassandra flower

Cassandra flower blooming for 9 hours | Image Source


Tired of life’s twinges? Maybe it’s about time to take a break and spend some time to gaze at these lovely blossoms. Allow these cacti to give you a reason to smile.

Just as every person is unique in terms of character, each flower also has its corresponding meaning. Every petal, every hue signify something. If you would like to know more about flowers, you could also refer to our flower encyclopedia.

Draped with spikes and thorns, who would’ve thought that cacti which require only minimal care, bear hidden beauty just waiting for the right moment to blossom?

Although their lack of vibrant colours make them seem like average green plants that you see every day, you are in for a surprise. Not everyone is lucky enough to witness the fascinating truth of these prickly plants. Compared to typical blooms, this display of beauty happens rarely and can only last for a short period, so you got to make the best out of it. If you ever see these lovely flowers bloom first hand, then you sure are lucky.

A cactus is known to survive in an extremely dry environment due to its adaptive capabilities to conserve water. Don’t let their normal spiny appearance fool you, because, like these six flowers, they bear breathtaking blooms that would surely mesmerise you.


Rebutia Krainziana



Known to be popular for cultivation, Rebutia are small and round-shaped plants. They are easy to grow and produce relatively large and vibrant flowers.


Cereus Tetragonus



Also known as “fairy castle” for its tower-like form, this cactus will surprise you with its beautiful flowers on top. This slow growing plant has the capability to reach about 6 feet tall.


Gymnocalycium Damsii



Once reached maturity, this cactus will bless you with flowers every year. Spherical and cylindrical in shape, they could grow up to 10 cm tall and 8-5 cm in diameter. It’s easy to grow and won’t demand much of your time.


Astrophytum nudum



If you want to get a glimpse of this cactus’ flower, you will have to wait up to 6 years for it to bloom. Its form is like a 5 star shaped lobe and can grow to over 120 cm tall and 5 to 10 cm in diameter.





Echinopsis is the most popular genus in the family of cactus due to its alluring bloom. Its funnel shaped flowers come in different shades of pink, orange, white, and yellow.

Compared to typical flowers online that you can buy in Australia, these enchanting blossoms cannot be harvested for display easily. Most of these flowers bloom for about 8 hours at night that you have to allocate time to witness its “magical moment”.

It’s not that hard to fall head over heels for these beautiful but transient flowers. The contrast between the blooms and the spikes they’re growing on will make you believe that indeed, beauty grows in adversity.

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