Songs have the power to calm your mind and soul. Every time you hum through your favorite tune, you get a feeling of contentment. It’s as if you are recalling your wonderful memories. Sometimes, the lyrics can even give you realizations that there is more to this world than surviving and merely breathing. There is always that certain melody that you can relate to.

Music is a reflection of life. Flowers, on the other hand, add color and beauty to it. It’s no wonder that composers can freely relate songs to these blossoms. Both of them speak a universal language. They can communicate to every human soul and satisfy the human heart.

Want to add a bit of euphoria in your life? Experience euphoria as you get inspired and feel loved through these 10 flower songs.


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Lyrics and blooms are very much alike. They inspire and remind us of the joys in life. Despite hatred and destruction, they make the world a much better place to live in. Why don’t you grab a bouquet of flowers from a Canberra florist? Serenade your loved one and give her a reason to smile.

Do you have a favorite flower song? Don’t hesitate to share it with us below!