The Dancing Granny

Nerea Auma of  is a 65 year old grandma from Atemo, a village in Homa Bay county, Kenya. The ultimate dancing queen, or rather the dancing Granny, she has 10 children and 18 grandchildren, but she beats all of them when it comes to dancing. Nerea began dancing as a young girl and it continues to bring her joy. According to her, life is about finding happiness within you, and she found her happiness in dance. Her dancing is a key attraction at private and public functions, both locally and beyond and she has remained unbeaten on the dance floor for decades. Her husband is also a bit of a local dancing sensation, and they met, of course, on the dance floor.

Do you have a dancing Granny? If so count yourself lucky to have that sort of happiness in your life. Whether or not yours is a dancing queen, all Grans are a beautiful inspiration. Take this opportunity opportunity to remember your dear old (or not so old!) Grandmothers. Pick up the phone, send her flowers or even a special ‘hello’ Facebook, to let her know that she’s in your thoughts.