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5 Native Australian Floras You Need To Know Right Now

In celebration of the NAIDOC Week, we listed down the native Australian flora that grows abundantly in its rainforests, mountain ranges, inland deserts, and sand dunes. Like the aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, these flowers are like no other in the world living for thousands of years since the beginning of time up to the present generation. Out of the 24,000 native Australian flora, below are five of the most common species.

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Send Flowers This Valentine’s Day

Ever since the 1700’s, it has been a tradition to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day by giving small tokens of love and appreciation to your loved one. A handwritten note, a blooming wildflower, or a piece of some sweet...

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Flower Delivery in Australia

Australia is a vast country with many different environments. With this diversity comes dry areas which makes growing plants difficult, especially delicate plants such as flowers. The heat often makes people living in these arid...

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