Having flowers in the home has been a popular tradition since time immemorial. Within this time, flowers have become a way to convey feelings and meaning and enhance the personal environment. They also make an appropriate and versatile gift for a number of occasions.

When people want flowers, they have the option of choosing from fresh or silk varieties. Although silk flowers will never die or need care, they lack much of the appeal that fresh, long lasting flowers have. The next time you’re in the market to order fresh flowers online, consider these benefits that fake flowers just can’t hold a candle to.

Fresh Flowers are Eco-Friendly

Fresh FlowersSilk flowers are manufactured using a lot of plastic, which contains many toxic compounds. Eventually, they end up in a landfill where they will contribute to environmental pollution because plastic never fully breaks down. Living flowers don’t have this problem. They’re all natural and can even be found organically grown. When you get tired of your flowers or they begin to wither, they can safely and beneficially be turned into compost.

Fresh Flowers Have Character

Unlike artificial botanicals, real flowers vary in their color, shape, size and growth pattern. Each silken flower comes out of a factory looking just the same as the others before it. Live plants and flowers are also prone to genetic and chromosomal mutations that have produced some stunning and award-winning results. You’ll never find silk plants that can match the individuality and uniqueness of fresh flowers.

Fresh Flowers are More Thoughtful Gifts

The best gifts are the ones that are special, tailored to the recipient and well thought out. Giving a bouquet of fake flowers just falls short in this department. Fresh ones from a fresh flowers delivery company can be chosen to suit the tastes of your giftee and have a personality and charm all their own. When your friend or loved one sees their fresh flowers delivery, they will know that you took the time and care to hunt down such a thoughtful present.

Fresh Flowers Have Greater Variety

Many people visit the craft and floral section of department stores and gawk at the seemingly endless array of obnoxiously-hued artificial inflorescence. It’s impressive to a point, but mother nature has provided a variety of long lasting flowers larger and so much more beautiful than anything that could ever come from a machine.

Fresh Flowers are Bring Health Benefits

Using fresh flowers can have a significant benefit to your health, whereas silk ones can actually cause problems. Real flowers won’t sit and collect dust for months on end, contributing to asthma and allergies. Furthermore, living plants act as natural ionic air purifiers by removing vast quantities of mold and toxins out of the air. When you order fresh flowers online, check the company’s selection to see if they carry potted houseplants.