Hold each other

Hold hands. Often.


Romance. Most everyone would like more of it. If you are looking for a classic method of ramping up the romance hopefully some of the following tips will strike a cord and you and your partner will be feeling the love.

Spread red Rose petals all over the bedroom.


What could be more classic than a fine gold locket with your photo inside? (Maybe a photo of the two of you.)


Bring home one small, unexpected gift each week. Hide them in lunches, luggage, purses or left on front seat of car, dinner plate, their favourite chair.


Write a classic, romantic, passionate, handwritten, heartfelt love letter. Most adults haven’t written a love letter since high school. (Why not? Have we lost our youthful idealism, or have we just gotten lazy?)


When travel;ing, give your partner a bouquet of Roses; one rose for each day that you’ll be away. Attach a note that says something like this: “These three Roses represent the three days I’ll be away from you. They also symbolise the love, joy, and laughter we share together.”


Say “I love you” at least three times a day.


Guys: Surprise her by performing one of her chores for her. (And not something easy like carrying the groceries in from the car, but something that requires some time and effort — like cooking all the meals over a weekend, or cleaning the entire house.)


Ladies: Send him a letter sealed with a kiss. (Use your reddest lipstick.)


Hold hands. A lot.


On your yearly romantic checklist, make plans for Valentine’s Day—well in advance!

This is the fourth of five posts with ideas keeping your romance alive. These have extolled the virtues of creativity, with ‘out of the box’ ideas to spice things up,  affordable but still romantic ideas and quick ideas for those with more love than time! Next will focus on outrageous ideas, so you don’t want to miss that one. Our Friday posts almost always focus on romance, just in time to turn up the heat for the weekends!