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Stale milk smell…puffy, red, bloodshot eyes… pallid skin the colour of a grey dawn – Yep – My friend is now a new Mummy! Despite the vision in front of me looking as though she would keel over from exhaustion, there was a glint in her eyes and her twist in her smile that said “This was all worth it!” Her husband,  dummy clenched in his mouth, running between kitchen and bathroom, simultaneously (allegedly!) working on heating up a bottle of milk whilst running a bath for  baby – shattered, but again the new “Daddy” exuded an aura of “ I wouldn’t change a thing”.  This, my dear readers is the start of “Parenthood”.


Let me just point out that I have yet to be “blessed” with the bliss of parenthood. I see children growing up way too fast these days! They make you laugh; they make you cry; they even make you want to hide in a cupboard and scream “What have I done to deserve this?”. There are many titles for these new Childhood developments: “Terrible Twos”, “Threenagers”, “F*#king Fours”, and the list goes on till they hit “The Rebellious Teenage Years” and the “Mooching Twenties”! But do you care?


rock 02-01Being a Parent is a fun, scary, emotional roller coaster of a ride, that no-one can predict.  Society, as a whole, has moved on from when I was a child. No longer is it accepted to threaten the Children to behave with a wooden spoon or a ruler. It’s now all about understanding your Children’s needs, wants and desires. To guide them to get to the point where they can picture an education, career and family in their future – even when you have to put up with your boy thinking they want to be the next member of “Big Time Rush” (don’t ask me who they are – I had to ask our Interns and our young mummies in the office!); or your once cute little tutu wearing daughter wants to take pole dancing lessons to “keep fit”! (Apparently Daddy’s Nightmare!)


The sacrifices Parents make now a days! A friend of mine told me he had to sit through a “One Direction” concert because his twelve year old daughter begged and finally went through a whole month silent treatment to plead her case! He did say it was a month of bliss, until he lost a bet to his wife and ended up sporting a “1D” T-shirt and escorted his daughter to the hours of hell that is a One Direction concert for anyone over the age of 14! However – he did earn the title of “The Coolest Dad EVER!!!” on his daughter’s Facebook page, which he wears as a badge of honour.



What do I think of Parenthood? Until the day comes whereby I am sitting with the other “Yummy Mummies” and “Awesome Daddies” bouncing a pink cheeked bawling cherub of a toddler of my own – I will hand it to all the Parents in the world – You are all doing a fantastic job!




For all of us appreciating the sacrifices our parents (or friends of ours who are parents to their own screaming nightmares), let’s give them a nice shout and remember to appreciate them with the odd phone call, bunch of flowers, gifts or even just to take them out to lunch once in a while. Just to show you care.


Until I become a “Parent” – I’ll just be the cool Aunt that feeds them all the sweets, takes them on all the thrill rides and send them home; maybe a little green gilled, but smiling – sorry, looks like I still have some growing up to do.