Hey, we know getting your heart broken sucks. But enough is enough. You’re already unhappy, so why make your life more miserable?

Stop mourning and wishing your Ex to be dead. For all you know, he or she have moved on, and you’re still there yearning for a person who’s not even worth it.  After you’ve spent too many hours sulking in a corner, it’s about time you get some sunlight and escape that room clad in darkness.

If you’ve never been to the “heartbreak club”, then you better brace yourself for a roller coaster ride. You will still pass through these break-up stages before you could finally move on.

Stage 1

It hurts…BADLY

Your break-up is fresh, so expect to feel excruciating pain. The sad songs you don’t play before? Well, they will fill-up your playlist now.

But if you are oh so good at hiding your misery, your secret would involve some alcohol. Cheers to your new best friend!

Stage 2

Self-esteem Gone

Since you are used to being “together”, you will feel lonely when they vanish from your life. And the result? Desperation.

It doesn’t matter what the break up is all about. You try to bargain and eventually lose your self-respect just to win him or her back.

And well, you will deny everything like nothing happened. Na-ah there’s no break-up.

Stage 3

The Rage Stage

So much sadness will turn into delusional anger. Symptoms will involve bad mouthing your Ex to your friends.

You start to convince yourself that your situation is good. You will have nothing to do with your Ex anymore. And you’ll gladly embrace your new theme song: Single Ladies by Beyonce.

Being alone will be your new sanctuary.

Stage 4

The Rebound


You have a space in your heart that you need to fill, so you search for some “temporary” love.

You prevent yourself from falling in love because you need to protect your heart.

And even if your new found love says that they love you, it’s still not enough.

Stage 5

Back to Square One

Here you go again, wondering how your Ex has been since you broke up. This situation is where your stalking skills will be useful.

You don’t want your Ex to be happier than you. And when you know they’re happy, you go back to the rage stage.

Stage 6


You’re exhausted. You have already poured out all your anger and other emotions. You no longer feel anything.

You start to understand and accept that you are heartbroken. Being single doesn’t bother you anymore.

And when the time is right, you will find someone that will love you the way you deserved to be loved.


So there you have it! Who says moving on is an easy road to take? But don’t worry too much about it. A person like you deserves to be happy and sooner or later you will be able to find someone who will forever stay.

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Remember, you deserve better!