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You’ve had enough of the relationship and you just want to find your freedom. Instead of getting affection from the person you cherished the most… all you get is the pain. But how do you escape from something you’ve known for too long? What if you are used to their presence that even if it hurts, leaving them would still be far worst?

That is the reality of love. It’s not all sunshine and butterflies in the stomach. It can hurt excruciatingly and sometimes one-sided. Not everyone is lucky enough to find a love that will last.

So how do you begin to embrace the fact that you’ve lost the battle and it’s time to wave the flag of surrender?

All of us have the need to love and be loved in return. We become desperate when the person can’t return the feeling. But despite knowing that, we continue to love which eventually cause our hearts to get broken in the process, leaving us frustrated, torn beyond repair.

Let go of hatred

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It is indeed frustrating when you have given everything you have, but the person still can’t appreciate you. Remember that no one forced you to fall in love with him or her. It was your own free will, so you can never blame the person for it. Love is a mysterious emotion. People risk their hearts without the assurance that they will get it back. It’s also what makes it quite magical because even though it has no guarantees, the odds still fall into place to let two different individuals fall for each other.

Most people call this phenomenon “destiny”. When fate takes its course, all you can ever do is go with its flow. Just because a person can’t reciprocate what you feel doesn’t mean that you have to hate him or her. You have to let go of your hatred because that will only prevent you from moving on.

Realise that you deserve someone better


Don’t lose hope. Believe that there is someone out there for you. You don’t need to be thirsty for affection, take time for yourself. If the person you fell in love with doesn’t love you back, that simply means that you deserve someone better. When you force yourself into someone who doesn’t like you, you will only destroy every fibre of your being. You are worthy of a person who will make you feel that you are the most beautiful human being.

Always keep that in mind.

Get out of that destructive relationship. You are a precious jewel and it takes the right person to appreciate that. Realise that you are worthy to be loved through a lovely bouquet of flowers.