The Chinese invented Gunpowder. The Chinese invented Paper. The Chinese even invented Alcohol (or at least the fermentation part!).
And just to shock you further – the Chinese invented VALENTINE’s Day! Well at least a day whereby “Love” and “Romance” is the order of the day. This is actually a serious holiday – a Government Public Holiday is given to celebrate “Love”!

First, the history/educational part: Chinese Valentines’ Day is actually known as the Qixi festival  and happens to fall on the 7th day of the 7th month of the lunar calendar year (on a regular calendar – it means the day actually falls on a different date every year around August). It’s about a love story between a celestial spirit and a mere mortal; Folks at Disney would have a field day turning the story into their next fairy tale cartoon!

Here’s a quick video to give you an incite to Chinese Valentine’s Day!

Next up, the tradition part: Young girls making wishes and offerings to deities to grant them the dream of meeting their Prince Charming. Burning paper lanterns and sending off paper boats down rivers with their thoughts and wishes written inside them. Apart from warning of the risk of setting trees, buildings and flammable items on fire – We’ll keep the rest of this section short, as it’s all too doe-eyed and fantasy based.

Following on, the modern part: The modern day lass prefers more positive action from interested males, lovers and husbands. In this day and age when working or sleeping seems to take over most of our 24 hour days, it has become a common chore to date and find “true love” (ok –  was getting a little too lovey dovey there!). Or for the “in a committed relationship” or “married” friends amongst us, the romance factor (ie. date night) tends to take a back seat way too often.

Whether you’re a new couple or in the “getting to know each other stage”, the romance is all in the act of impressing the lady with their repertoire of tricks up their sleeves. The act of playing the sophisticated business man, the health conscious animal lover, the funny social popular guy, etc.  Add the special “date” venue; Michelin starred restaurant, the cinema/theatre show/concert/sports game, an outdoor picnic or even being brave enough to venture into cooking a candlelit dinner for two – all add to ambience of a what a date is commonly expected  to be. And in the early stages of any relationship – the importance of gifts!

The very first Valentine’s Day you spend with your loved one must be perfect! The perfect date needs to be planned, including everything leading to the date! Beautiful flowers to be delivered to her workplace, so that  colleagues can oooohhhh and ahhhhh at how “he loves you!”. The perfect restaurant, preferably a “place to be seen in” or one she has been dying to try out. Finally, a stroll to end a romantic evening while you help her carry the flowers. It’s only one day in the year chaps! Suck it up and do the whole romantic mushy stuff!

As long term couples, I trust the men to know their loved ones well enough to plan their own versions of Valentine’s Day! However……………

Guy’s,  – if you messed up the Hallmark 14th February, Valentines Day – then here’s your second chance to earn yourself some brownie points!

Educate your girlfriend that Chinese Valentine’s Day is celebrated all around the world (albeit, mostly by Asian’s); Chinese Valentine’s Day (although is based from Chinese mythology) dates back more than 2600 years and is therefore more traditional than the infamous 14th February version; and well, it’s another chance to prove you love her (sentimental right!)!


So break tradition, try something new! Make Chinese Valentines Day a priority in your dating calendar and impress your loved one with an extra special day to show how much you love and care for them.