Do you ever notice how other people seem to be happy all the time? Do you secretly wish to be as happy as they are?

The truth is, we can always be one of them. However, happiness is not something that we can achieve immediately. It’s something that we should practice every single day until we get used to it.

You can start chasing happiness and improve your life by knowing what the world’s happiest people do in common.

They Live in the Present

Happiest people on earth find joy in living in the present and enjoying each moment― good or bad. They focus on the things that they can control. As much as possible, they aim to take control of the situation and find ways to be happy regardless of all the adversities they encounter. They don’t dwell on despair and sadness. Instead,they fill their lives with hopes and positive vibes.

They Love to Surround Themselves with Happy People

People at their happiest know how to choose the individuals they want to be with. Studies show that the people around you have a huge impact on how you think, experience, and view things in life. So if you aim to achieve a happier life, try to consider reducing the negative people around you. This doesn’t mean you need to stay away from them forever. Just spend a little less time with them for you to focus on improving yourself.

They Find Balance in Their Lives

Happy people are contented with what they have and don’t waste time worrying and stressing themselves on trivial things. They know how to balance their lives and spend time to those that matter most. They take full responsibility for their work while making sure to catch up with their friends, family, and loved ones and do the things they enjoy the most.

They Abide the Golden Rule

“Do unto others as would you have them do unto you”, this is the famous saying from Confucius we probably all knew. Happy people are living with this principle. They treat every individual with respect and are sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others. And most of the time, they get treated this way in return.

They are Masters of Letting Go

Happy people don’t hesitate to let bad things go. They don’t dwell on minor issues and adverse things which most unhappy people usually do. They know how to take things in stride, and just move on.

They Always have a Reason to Smile

Having a reason to smile is one of the most important things to stay positive even if when the situation  starts to come out differently. You need to have a sense of purpose in your life, and this is what the happiest people on earth have in common ― they always have a reason to wake up every morning.

They are Willing to Wait

People at their happiest truly understand that great things come to those who wait and are patient enough to make their dreams come true. They know very well that dreams aren’t that easy to achieve. It takes time, hard work, and patience.

They are Strong and Resilient

Happy people also experience bad days, defeat, failure, heartbreaks, and setbacks in life. There are days that they get sad and lonely, but they do NOT dwell on it. Instead, they take these experiences as the reasons for them not to strive harder and rise again.

They Don’t Hesitate to Say No

Happiest people on earth know when to say “No”. Some people are having trouble saying “NO” to others because of their fear of rejection. They are afraid that every time they say “NO” they might disappoint someone, hurt their feelings, make them angry or appear to be unkind. But for people who are confident and know themselves more than anyone else, saying “NO” to the things they don’t like are a lot easier.

They Value “Me” Time

Fulfilled and happy individuals always have this so called “ME” time within the day. They always make sure to have an “alone time” for themselves where they can relax, unwind, and do the things they enjoy the most. Yes, we all need other people to make us happy. But finding happiness within yourself can help you achieve self-fulfillment, satisfaction, and a happier life.

They Show Signs of Happiness

SMILE ― this is what makes the happy and unhappy people differ from each other. Happiest people always have this contagious smile that will always keep us beaming, laughing and genuinely happy. You can feel it and see it straight in their eyes that they are contented in their lives and at their happiest.

Happiest people on earth are the type of individuals we all envy. Regardless of the situation they are in; they always have the reason to smile and be happy. But the great thing is, we can always be one of them. We can be at our happiest if we choose to embrace and live positivity. Happiness is a choice. Smile… absorb positive vibes and opt to be HAPPY!

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