Valentine’s Day often gets a bad reputation as a sappy, commercial holiday, overrun with cheap chocolate and overpriced red roses. But Valentine ’s Day is really what you make of it, and there are some creative ways you can make Valentines day 2013 enjoyable and romantic without making it seem like a scene from a bad romantic comedy that went straight to DVD.

Make Your Own Candy
Heart-shaped box of chocolate are synonymous with Valentines day, but is that really a good thing? Skip the drugstore brand boxed chocolates this year and make your own romantic Valentines candy. You can buy chocolate molds at almost every craft shop and even some candy stores, and you’ll be surprised at the fun, unique shapes that they come in. You can also buy chocolate made to melt on the stovetop to pour into the molds in a variety of colors. Pick something unique that you know your partner loves. If you want something more traditional, pick up a rose-shaped chocolate mold and red chocolate. If it sounds challenging, don’t be afraid. Even kids can do this!

Go Wine Tasting

What would Valentines Day 2013 be without a glass of your favorite red wine? Instead of going out to a fancy restaurant and paying big bucks for a ho-hum holiday, think outside the box and sign you and your partner up for a wine tasting at a local restaurant, bar, or if you’ve got one in the area, a vineyard. Don’t go for wine? Try a beer tasting. Who says beer can’t be romantic?

Ice Skating
It might sound a little cheesy at first, but once you’re out on the ice, skating, laughing and hopefully not falling down too much with your partner, the eye-rolling is sure to turn into smiling. If you can, find an outdoor rink in your area so you can watch the stars as you skate. Ice skating also makes a great activity as part of a longer celebration – you can always go to that wine tasting after you sake. In fact, it’s recommended that you do them in that order.

Mail Your Romantic Valentines
Almost everybody expects a card, letter or love note from their partner on Valentines day. Instead of leaving your valentine a message of love on their pillow or just handing it to them with a gift, mail it out ahead of time so they get it at the office. You can even mail it to their house – even if it’s your house too. The fact that you took the time to mail it and thought ahead will mean a lot to your partner, and it will also bring a welcome smile when they receive the unexpected valentine. Just make sure it arrives on time!