Most women have strong ideas about the types of men to avoid in relationships, but they often don’t take their own counsel when it comes to dating. It is far easier for most people to provide advice for women other than themselves when it comes to relationship matters. Many women keep getting involved with the same type of guy even though it never works out well. It’s as if they have an innate instinct for attracting and selecting the wrong men. 

Advice for women offered by most relationship experts centers on the obvious bad choices in partners, but they are worth revisiting because they make sense. Men who come on too strong at first are to be avoided, particularly if they show signs of jealousy or possessiveness before the fledgling relationship has developed any substance.

Although some women find this attention flattering, it’s often the sign of an abuser. Overly-controlling men frequently attempt to rush relationships rather than allowing them to develop naturally over a proper period of time.
Other types of men to avoid include those with substance abuse issues.

Even if someone is not yet a full-fledged addict, reliance on recreational drugs and alcohol as a regular part of social activities indicates that a man has not yet reached the maturity level necessary for a quality relationship. Although these types of men may be fun to date, it’s best not to consider them long-term husband-and-father material.

Men who have recently emerged from marriages or other serious commitments should also be avoided. They may be great guys, but even those who ended prior relationships on their own initiative will require time to heal. However, these men frequently make excellent friends.

Even though it often doesn’t completely sink in, the best advice for women is to refrain from entering into a relationship believing that they can change the man in ways that will better suit their own emotional needs. While it is possible to spruce the average guy up a bit on the outside, most people don’t change that much internally. Any relationship that begins with one or both partners believing that they can change what they don’t like about the other person will not last.

The types of men to avoid are still the same as they were decades ago or even centuries ago. Smart women not only learn the warning signs but heed them.