Studies show that flowers can evoke feelings of exuberance. People have an attraction to flowers. It is well known and researched that receiving flowers improves mood and makes for happy and longer lasting memories of the event in which they were received. People are excited when they receive flowers.

Flowers help people overcome their feelings of loss. The sheer beauty of the flowers uplifts spirits.  The psychological effects of receiving flowers during a time of bereavement have been proven to be positive. People often give flowers at a funeral or memorial service for this reason.

Consumers are encouraged to purchase flowers for people that are ill as well. They can brighten an otherwise drab hospital room. When people are positive and they feel happier, recovery times decrease. When stress levels are down, the immune system is not aggravated and can heal the body faster.

Flowers have also been proven to improve workplace productivity. Many universities have proven this finding. The studies show that flowers encourage co-workers to be more social. From social interactions, collaboration may emerge. When flowers were present, men generated 15 percent more ideas in an environment with plants than in an environment without. Females were found to be more creative in problem solving when flowers and plants were present. Flowers in office environments improve productivity, creativity and social interactions.

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