I live in Thailand and my mother is in Australia. She is by herself as my father passed away a couple of years ago now. She is a determined woman and insists on doing things by herself and rarely will ask for help from anyone.

She has also become more isolated at home and has a limited social life. When I am home I am able to help her and do things for her to cheer her up. She loves being made a fuss of and always enjoys having something beautiful around her to make her days more enjoyable. When I am back in Thailand this is really difficult to continue and why I depend so much on your very special flower arrangements.

I always use the zFlowers.com site to send flowers for special occasions ……Birthday, Mother’s Day celebrations, anniversaries of different kinds etc. My mother now expects to receive on her doorstep a beautiful big bouquet of fresh, colorful flowers and tells me off if I organize the delivery to be the day after the event. The bouquets she has received have always been so fresh and long lasting that the joy continues to the very last petal.

Through the marvels of technology and the computer age, we also have been able to send flowers using zFlowers.com to my mother’s friends for their special occasions.

We can include a personal message and select the arrangement we like just as if we were together personally selecting the bouquet in a local florist. This has been a great way to share the event and bring some joy to many people. Who doesn’t like having a beautiful, colorful and scented flower arrangement delivered to their door to help them celebrate and know that someone cares enough to be thinking about them?

The best thing however has been the surprise flowers. No special occasion, no special event – just because I am thinking about my mum and want to brighten her day. It is so easy to organize. My preferred bouquets are always the lilies both Asiatic and the large Oriental blooms that are provided by zFlowers.com. These come in such a wide variety of colors and always seem to last the extra bit longer than some of the softer flowers as they come ready to burst open, and over the course of a few days open fully and so the joy is renewed each time a lily bud opens. These are definitely my mothers favorites and hearing the smile in her voice when she receives a bouquet of lilies (especially if they are unexpected) makes my day. Being so far apart is difficult but sending flowers through zFlowers.com is so easy and uncomplicated I would recommend it to everyone.

zFlowers.com has enabled me to make sure she does not feel so alone and can have some beautiful flowers around her to make her feel happier and know she is loved.

Thanks zFlowers.com for helping make my Mums days so very special.