It is difficult to choose a Christmas gift for a man. Men are not usually fussy, they are simple creatures. So why is buying a gift for him so hard?

Perhaps if men were a little more picky about what they would like for Christmas… If they circled catalogues and made strong (yet subtle) hints to their wives and girlfriends. Then we could have some idea about what he wants for Christmas. Perhaps a deep and meaningful discussion over a romantic dinner and a glass of wine would do the trick? Followed by a long walk on the beach holding hands and… OK, so that is never going to happen for most of us. And really, if this scenario were to occur perhaps we ladies would seize the opportunity to talk about all the other ideas and feelings we have swirling around in our heads. Probably not chatting about the ideal Christmas gift for a man.

But what to buy for a man who has everything he needs, and who can usually acquire the basic necessities of a man’s life (Xbox games and beer) on his own? And of course, how can we make it really special? And not necessarily special for him- he probably wont notice the effort gone into choosing the card or wrapping paper. But special for us. Afterall, we want to make him feel good and this in turn will make us happy. It is important for us women to feel a small sense of achievement that we have managed to crack one of life’s trickiest problems-  buying him something awesome for Christmas.

Every year gift companies across the board are hard at work trying to help us out with suggestions of ideal gifts for men. I am sure big all nighters have been pulled, trying to think of the perfect slogan to convince ladies that they have solved the mystery of the ultimate male Christmas gift. Images of good looking Adonis creatures are emailed to us wearing the latest watch (already got one) or nice shirt (likely to ruin or secretly dislike and never wear). Like cheap perfume, the stench of a shit Christmas present is obvious and yet, sometimes we will submit in quiet desperation, to buying an electric shaver which quite frankly is the worst Christmas gift idea ever.

Yes, men are simple creatures…not! Perhaps the perfect gift for a man is simply to choose something to suit ourselves. Whats the name of that flower company again?