Often times it is much easier to influence someone than it may appear. Simple gestures often produce maximum results. Take flowers for example. Ordering a fresh flowers delivery takes only a few minutes, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

The emotional connotations attached to modern flower arrangements cannot be underestimated. Stylish flowers heighten the senses and stimulate the mind. Flowers have the ability to transmit odors via stimulation of the olfactory pathways to the limbic system or “pleasure center” of the brain in order to elicit a variety of specific feelings.

Positive outlooks such as happiness, self-confidence and a sense of achievement are evoked with the aid of modern flower . Suggestive floral scents can bring to mind relaxation, elation and even heightened sensuality.

Using smell to obtain specific responses is not a new concept. Many cultures have recognized the special relationship between smell and emotions. For example, the word for “kiss” means smell in India. Choosing specific blooms can send the recipient subtle olfactory signals in order to trigger a desired reaction.

Here is a short list of stylish flowers readily available in modern flower arrangements and the positive qualities their unique scents may evoke.

Black-Eyed Susan-penetrating insight
Bleeding Heart-unconditional love, emotional freedom
Borage-ebullient heart forces, buoyant courage and optimism
Calendula-healing warmth and receptivity in the use of the spoken word and in dialogue with others
California Poppy-spirituality, inner balance
Calla Lily-sexual self-acceptance
Cosmos-ability to express thoughts with clarity
Easter Lily-purity of soul
Echinacea-core integrity
Fawn Lily-accepting and becoming involved with the world
Forget Me Not-awareness of connections in personal relationships and with those in the spiritual world
Fuchsia-ability to express deep feelings, emotional vitality
Hibiscus-warmth, bodily passion
Impatiens-slow down, have patience with others
Iris-inspired artistry, iridescent vision and perspective
Larkspur-charismatic leadership, contagious enthusiasm
Lavender-sensitivity, highly refined awareness
Mountain Pennyroyal-positivity, metal integrity
Nasturnium-vitality, radiant energy
Nicotiana-physical and emotional well-being
Pink Yarrow-appropriate emotional boundaries
Queen Anne’s Lace-spiritual insight and vision
Scotch Broom-positive, optimistic
Shasta Daisy-holistic consciousness
Snap Dragon-dynamic energy, healthy libido
Sunflower-balanced sense of individuality
Sweet Pea-commitment to community
Tiger Lily-cooperative service with others
Trillium-selfless service, sacrifice of personal desires for the common good
Violet-delicate, highly perceptive sensitivity
Yarrow-inner radiance and strength of aura
Yellow Star Tulip-empathy
Zinnia-childlike humor and playfulness, lightheartedness

A fresh flowers delivery is as inspirational as it is beautiful. Pose subtle suggestions at home or work with stylish flowers and enjoy reaping the inevitable rewards.

Resource-‘Flower Essence Repertory’ by Patricia Kaminsky and Richard Katz