Feelings are hard to decipher especially when it involves women. Sometimes, they appear interested but then you just realised that it’s just a friendly gesture. If you are really into the lady and you’ve been dating for quite some time now, it is only natural that you search for any evidence of her love for you. Of course, nobody wants to be misled when you have already invested too many emotions.

So how do you know if her affection towards you is truly sincere? You will sense it. Females are very expressive of what they feel. But this gets confusing when she also starts treating other guys in the same manner.

Here are some behaviours that will give you hints of what she feels.

She makes time


Ladies are very particular with their schedule. But when you invite her for an unexpected Friday dinner, she will make it a point to show up. You are always a part of her plan. She doesn’t consider you as an option, you are a choice.

She’s comfortable around you


A girl who loves you will show you her true self, with no makeup on and tangled hair. She loves you enough that she lets you in her personal space. Every chance she gets, she wants to get closer to you and wants you to do the same.

She really looks at you. Because she’s comfortable with you, she makes sure that she is looking at you straight in the eye. The way she stares at you would seem like she is peeking into your soul. She also listens attentively to what you are going to say. When you tell her something, you will see her listening earnestly. In return, you feel confident telling her anything because you know she will understand.

She trusts you with her deepest, darkest secrets


She shares her most kept secrets with you. They are the things that she doesn’t just tell anyone, even her friends. She also asks advice from you regarding family and personal problems. She highly respects your opinion on world issues. When she has won an award or got something she extremely wanted, you are the first person she spills it to. You communicate openly with each other, no holds barred.

She wants the best for you


She tends to act like a mother and tells you what to do. She tries to talk you out of your bad habits. If your girl doesn’t want you to involve yourself with harmful schemes, she absolutely cares for you. If that still isn’t love, then you better confront that girl.

Once you see these clues and you still aren’t sure, there’s only one thing left to do in order to find out the truth. Ask her about it. Organise a romantic date and bring a bouquet of flowers in hand. Get the exact answers straight from her lips.